Nora Ch. 7

Wow, it’s been a while.

Nora Ch. 7 (Sulfur Current Part 2, Chapter 2)

As I said in the notes, I’ve been busy with work, then bounced from FFXIV to FFVII Remake to PSO2, leaving me with little time to focus on scanlation.  Luckily, with VII Remake platinum’d and me quickly plateauing my character progress in PSO2, as well as a weak anime season, I’ve had some time recently.

With this release, I’ve made some improvements in format.  I’ve learned to cut down on the file size by switching from RGB to Grayscale.  I’ve also standardized the width of the images so each page is uniform.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly better than it was before.  When I make a full series zip file, I’m certainly updating the previous chapters.

Nora’s Shooting Star

Tell me your secrets, Nora.

This is a oneshot included as a bonus at the end of Volume 1.  So, apparently, in the future we’ll be playing simplistic video games on huge fucking CRT’s.

Nora’s Shooting Star (Volume 1 Extra)

I was successful in my quest to platinum Tales of Symphonia, and I’m honestly surprised I managed to churn this out in “only” a month and a half, especially considering finally being done with one game was merely an invitation to pick up another.  That is, I’ve finally picked up Final Fantasy XIV in earnest and watched all of The Dragon Prince.  Oh, and I somehow managed to find the time to rewatch all of Pirates of Dark Water.

Turns out, just moving forward when you hit a roadblock and doubling back is the way to go instead of stopping until you’ve worked the problem out.  Who knew I’d be applying timed test tactics to scanlation work?

Now with even more Natsume?!