Hentai Hump-Day! Nutaku Games: PeroPero Seduction

HumpdayIt’s great to be back!

So, last time I covered Nutaku games, I talked about a game I’d been playing for a few months.  When I started, the only options available were Lord of Valkyrie and Aigis.  I don’t care how much more popular Aigis was, it freakin’ sucked.  Oh, it was mechanically a MUCH better game, but it was an RTS game that demanded grinding, perfection, and luck.  That and not accidentally closing your tab and completely wasting all the stamina you spent on a mission.  I’m never covering that game.

Anyway, since then, Nutaku started offering several more games, many of them being advertised as “card” games.  I have yet to find one that I actually consider a card game and not a game that has things labeled as cards.

The first “new” game I tried was PeroPero Seduction.  It’s got a lot going for it, but it’s also got some issues…

I don't think any of this girls are even in the game...
I don’t think any of this girls are even in the game…

Here’s the basic premise of the game: You are the younger brother of the Naked King, and you’re after him to make him apologize for some trivial shit.  Oh, and seal away the Seductive Fist, a martial art used primarily to sexually humiliate girls.  I… really don’t care enough to explain much more than that.  Basically, you explore different places and subdue the Naked King’s henchwomen and add them to your harem.

The “cards” you collect are girls you encounter, and they really don’t come into play until you get into a boss battle.  So basically, they’re completely worthless except to get through the story and events.  Oh, and for H-scenes, naturally.  But I’ll get into why that’s terrible in just a minute.

The majority of the gameplay is… slots.  You “Explore” an area by expending Stamina (slowly gained with time) to spin the slots and hope to match three like icons.  “Pero” doubles how much currency you gain, “Exp” doubles how much experience you gain, “Gift” gives a random other player a gift (you can get a Thank-You Gift back), “LV” increases your level (but you only ever get three LV slots when you’re about to level up, so it’s completely rigged), and “Chance” triggers a game of chance.  Yep, you gamble for the chance to gamble.

At least they're not trying to fool anyone...
At least they’re not trying to fool anyone…

The “Chance” game presents you six face-down cards, and you have to pick which one you want.  In Explore mode, it’s always six girls.  This is how you earn new girl cards (outside of the Gacha), but if you pick up a girl you already own, it increases that girl’s level.  What this amounts to is it makes it extremely frustrating not just to earn new cards but to level up cards.  And it’s not like the girls that show up are limited to your “deck;” you can be forced to level up girls you acquired that you have no interest in at all.  Naturally, there’s an item you can use to reveal all the girls so you can pick exactly what you want when you trigger a Chance with a guaranteed Super Rare card (guaranteed in that one of the six will be a Super Rare… it’s like buying a booster pack and only being able to keep one card), but outside of rare opportunities, it’s primarily a cash shop item.

The sex scenes in this game come almost exclusively from the story.  As far as I can tell, leveling up individual cards (and there are A LOT of them) gradually disrobes the girl, but you get no outright sex scene.

What’s especially silly about the H-scenes being restricted to story is that all of the story girls are actually from hentai games made by Black Rainbow.

Oh, hello fake Asuka... that's not distracting at all...
Oh, hello fake Asuka… that’s not distracting at all…
And there she is... Maybe I should just look up some HCGs and call it a night.
And there she is… Maybe I should just look up some HCGs and call it a night.

Never been a big fan of Black Rainbow or any of the anime based on their games.  We’re talking about a circle that completely and utterly wasted a potentially great parody concept like this:

Would it have killed them to design some girls that resembled... ANYONE?!
Would it have killed them to design some girls that resembled… ANYONE?!

Anyway, this is also a game that tries to incorporate a friends system.  You can “Tease” a friend by throwing a pie at their cards, and you earn a tiny amount of currency.  There’s an event called PeroPero Gambit where you can pick up chests and keys.  Oh, you think you only need to pick up one of each and you get an item?  Ha ha, no.  You need to pick up a key, and you need to have a friend that has a corresponding chest.  Said chest can only be picked up from PeroPero Gambit, and they expire after a few hours.  So that means fuck any of your friends if they don’t play PeroPero Gambit and focus on the main story.

Oh, that’s right… I never quite finished covering card leveling.  Fortunately, there’s a method to level up cards outside of Chance slots (and there better, since cards can level up to fucking 100).  That’s by using Wild Cards.  You get these from random tasks… Daily missions, Gifts from friends, prizes for clearing stages…  You can use one Wild Card to increase a card’s level by 1.  It’s basically the only reasonable way to focus on leveling one card.  But you need to have a Wild Card of the corresponding level.  So if you want to level up a Rare card, you need to have a Wild Card R or higher.  Naturally, you can also get these from cash.

I will say this about PeroPero Seduction though: compared to the earlier Nutaku games, this one has a cleaner UI and catchier, dance rave style music.  That’s all it has going for it, really: it’s a lot more presentable.  As a hentai game though, it’s pretty annoying.  The translation for the story is complete ass, and the text scrolls so painfully slowly that I’ve completely skipped them on multiple occasions.

Overall, it might be worth looking into for a few minutes just for the quick and easy first H-scene, but trust me when I say there’s at least one game Nutaku offers that’s actually worth your time, and this isn’t it.

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    1. “Are my ranged units strong enough to deter these fast-moving enemies yet? Damn. Better grind. Whoops, out of Charisma. Guess I’ll grind tomorrow.”

      The difficulty curve ramps up dramatically early on, and it can be unforgiving with how many attempts you can make on anything in the time you have to play. SO many things can go terribly wrong SO easily, leading to a waste of Charisma and Stamina. Yeah, I’m not a fan of having TWO limiters to map attempts either.

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