Bardass Scanlations

Welp, looks like I’m going to be working on scanlation projects other than Ruin Explorers.  I’ve got some raw material just waiting to get worked on.  However, please note that I am absolutely not a great translator.  Raw acquisition, scanning, and cleaning are all in my toolbox, and I enjoy the work.  But I also have a full-time job and interests outside of scanlating.

Based on my current experience, it’ll take me an afternoon to debind and scan a single volume, 2-3 days to clean roughly 30 pages, and translate 2-3 pages per day (more on a weekend).  So, given a disciplined work ethic, I can probably do one volume every 3-4 months.  Less if the dialogue is relatively simple.  I mean, if I wanted to scanlate your typical hentai doujin, that’d probably take a couple nights max – they tend to repeat the same stock phrases.


In Progress

The Twinkle NoraComplete (the Nora chapters, at least)

Ruin Explorers
Complete! (Better-quality scans eventually)