Middle of the End

Just a quick update.  I spent most of April working on Nora and managed to clean up every page.  Translation-wise, got about halfway through the first of three chapters by the end of the month.  Then came May. The beginning of May I spent on Final Fantasy XIV due to a promotion that allowed me four free days of play.  After that I mostly spent the month burning through as much of my anime and game backlog as I could.

The Urusei Yatsura 2022 anime is a gem and I feel bad that I didn’t keep up with it as it was airing.  It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t appear to be as popular as it should in the west, because it’s absolute hilarity.  It also made me wonder, “was Urusei Yatsura always this good?” because I was never particularly into either the manga or the anime, and even Beautiful Dreamer pissed me off with how wrong it got the character of Lum.  I’d love for this to drum up the idea of a Ranma 1/2 reboot in the same style and maybe we can finally animate the Ryu Kumon arc.

Picked up Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster and finally filled up that gap in mainline Final Fantasy games I’ve finished, which now puts me at clearing 1-10.  Funny that 14 is the only mainline game post-10 that I’ve even touched.  But I do own 15 and plan to get 16.  I just need to figure out which platform I want for 12 and 13, and my game plan for eventually running through 11.

All that to say, May was spent under the delusion that I could slack off so I have less distractions in the future, but I will always have distractions.  I promise I will never learn this lesson for very long.

I should have translation and typesetting for the first chapter of Nora’s Ark done in June.  Theoretically, I could get all three done within the month, but that depends on the pace I can set and my ability to stay in the groove.  I’m going to try to be distracted less, but I also definitely want to finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Disgaea 6 this month, so we’ll see how it goes.

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