Twinkle Nora Chapters 6-9

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

It’s finally over!  Oh man, I have some serious torn feelings about this.  On the one hand, there were a lot of fascinating tidbits I learned in the process of working on this, and there were elements of Nora herself that I absolutely loved.  On the other hand, it was frustrating as hell navigating the dated references and cringe wordplay.

As an aside, the author, Satomi Mikuriya, unfortunately passed away December 14, 2022, an eerie 2 days after I announced my intention to power through to the end of Twinkle Nora.  Now I wish I got to it sooner.  RIP, sensei.

Nora chapter dump incoming when it’s 2023

Oh god, why?

Just wanted to announce that I’m working on the rest of Twinkle Nora now that I’ve successfully binged all the Pokemon content I wanted to (I caught a shiny Glimmet in a Beast Ball in Pokemon Violet; I’m gonna be good for a while).

Chapter 6 is done, I’ve got decent work done on Chapter 7, and oh god, this chapter is making me cry.  Look at that image above.  They actually did that!  They put white text over a white ship!  And that’s not even the worst part of this chapter!  I’m not kidding when I say working on parts of this chapter brought me to tears.

Update: Almost done; on the last chapter.  Just brainstorming how to work an annoying word gag that doesn’t directly translate to English.

Nora Ch. 9

Nora Ch. 9 (Sulfur Current Part 2, Chapter 4)

That’s the end of the arc, but not the end of Nora scanlations.  I’ve still got a few chapters of Twinkle Nora and of course the Nora’s Ark two-parter to go.

Sorry for the long wait between releases, but this was more or less a learning experience for me.  I went through the entire scanlation process by myself: acquiring the product, debinding, scanning, cleaning, “translating,” and typesetting.  Really makes you appreciate just how much work goes into a quality scanlation, and my work isn’t even that good.  Anyway, as long as PSO2:NGS doesn’t get any meaningful updates anytime soon and I stay away from WvW in Guild Wars 2, I can make some progress.

FYI, last month marked the 40-year anniversary of the conclusion of the Sulfur Current arc’s publication.  Wish I could be just a bit more timely about it.

Nora Ch. 8

Me trying to actually get any work done on this project.

So… Been half a year, huh?  Amazing what HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF PSO2 will do to your productivity.

Nora Ch. 8 (Sulfur Current Part 2, Chapter 3)

This time around I’ve learned how to bring those file sizes down some.  I’ve also decided NOT to translate sound effects because that’s an art in and of itself and I didn’t want to bog myself down with the extra work.

There’s just one more chapter to go in this arc, then it’s the Nora’s Ark two-shot, then I guess the rest of Twinkle Nora.  Cheers!

Nora Ch. 7

Wow, it’s been a while.

Nora Ch. 7 (Sulfur Current Part 2, Chapter 2)

As I said in the notes, I’ve been busy with work, then bounced from FFXIV to FFVII Remake to PSO2, leaving me with little time to focus on scanlation.  Luckily, with VII Remake platinum’d and me quickly plateauing my character progress in PSO2, as well as a weak anime season, I’ve had some time recently.

With this release, I’ve made some improvements in format.  I’ve learned to cut down on the file size by switching from RGB to Grayscale.  I’ve also standardized the width of the images so each page is uniform.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly better than it was before.  When I make a full series zip file, I’m certainly updating the previous chapters.

Now with even more Natsume?!