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Nora Ch. 8

Me trying to actually get any work done on this project.

So… Been half a year, huh?  Amazing what HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF PSO2 will do to your productivity.

Nora Ch. 8 (Sulfur Current Part 2, Chapter 3)

This time around I’ve learned how to bring those file sizes down some.  I’ve also decided NOT to translate sound effects because that’s an art in and of itself and I didn’t want to bog myself down with the extra work.

There’s just one more chapter to go in this arc, then it’s the Nora’s Ark two-shot, then I guess the rest of Twinkle Nora.  Cheers!

Fam & Ihrie Ruin Explorers: OneVisions Volta Chapter

This is the special chapter of Ruin Explorers that was printed as part of Kunihiko Tanaka’s OneVisions Volta artbook. As far as I can tell, it’s the last Ruin Explorers chapter ever written, and there’s no sign in sight for any more.

Ruin Explorers OneVisions Volta Chapter

Welp, there’s nothing left for me to do but to slowly work on translating the RPG.