Nora Ch. 9

Nora Ch. 9 (Sulfur Current Part 2, Chapter 4)

That’s the end of the arc, but not the end of Nora scanlations.  I’ve still got a few chapters of Twinkle Nora and of course the Nora’s Ark two-parter to go.

Sorry for the long wait between releases, but this was more or less a learning experience for me.  I went through the entire scanlation process by myself: acquiring the product, debinding, scanning, cleaning, “translating,” and typesetting.  Really makes you appreciate just how much work goes into a quality scanlation, and my work isn’t even that good.  Anyway, as long as PSO2:NGS doesn’t get any meaningful updates anytime soon and I stay away from WvW in Guild Wars 2, I can make some progress.

FYI, last month marked the 40-year anniversary of the conclusion of the Sulfur Current arc’s publication.  Wish I could be just a bit more timely about it.

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