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Phantom episode 16 may or may not have some loli lovin’

First of all, included is a flood from Episode 14 because I neglected to post it back when it aired.  Also, Episode 16 was yet more goodness.  Setting up for an epic showdown in Episode 17, which is also when I predict this arc is going to end.  If so, nine episodes for the final arc doesn’t sound bad.

Episode 14 Cal Flood

Episode 16 Cal Flood

I apologize for the image quality being raped. I saved in .jpg format in Paint. I should’ve known better.

Anyway, this episode includes Cal’s confession to Reiji.  Towards the end there’s a scene where the two open their hearts to each other.  When the talking’s done, Cal steps out of the shower, completely naked, and Reiji enters the bathroom to face her.  Followed by a cutaway to the showerhead, and a scene cut where Cal is sleeping and Reiji is sitting on the mattress, both fully clothed.

I have to say this kinda disappointed me.  This is the part in the game where, in the hentai version at least, they consummate their relationship.  In the non-hentai version Reiji is at least shirtless, and the two embrace each other in bed; a possible sex scene is at least implied (but shot down MUCH later when Cal reveals that they never went all the way).  In this episode… I honestly don’t know what to think.  I mean, the set-up is there, but you have no idea about the nature of the ensuing “moment.”

tl;dr version: I should’ve waited for the subs, probably.

Ladies and gentlemen… CAL FLOOD!

Phantom of Inferno Episode 13 proves to me once more that 13 is my lucky number.  We had a heaping dose of Cal this time around, and a lot of the Zwei arc got covered.  I hated the return of annoying steam this time, even more so because Cal was the victim this time instead of Claudia.

But luckily I always have Phantom of Inferno HCG to fall back on.

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Requiem for the Phantom is awesome so far

Ein is not amused.
Ein is not amused?

The third episode of Requiem for the Phantom was pretty amazing. Granted, if you watch a lot of assassin anime, you’ve probably seen this a lot, but it’s still good stuff. The “first kill” is always an important part, M I RITE? Although the emotional impact of it wasn’t as good as the visual novel, I did like the fight a lot more, which shows a lot of improvement over the first episode which I didn’t particularly like.

Also, this episode included the “oiling scene,” which is one of the more unique scenes of the game. It shows just how twisted Scythe Master is and how unemotional and impersonal Ein is, yet at the same time shows how loyal she is to Scythe, putting herself in such a completely defenseless position at his command. My only problem was how there was no view of Scythe’s thoughts during the scene… the idea that he thinks of Ein as a weapon and his creation is there, but I didn’t get the demented, inhumane personality he shows. Scythe is supposed to pretty much get a frikkin’ hard-on by just thinking of how perfect his creation is. I got the feeling that, aside from equating Ein to a gun or a machine, he also saw her as his “trophy.” Or is that just me?