Nora chapter dump incoming when it’s 2023

Oh god, why?

Just wanted to announce that I’m working on the rest of Twinkle Nora now that I’ve successfully binged all the Pokemon content I wanted to (I caught a shiny Glimmet in a Beast Ball in Pokemon Violet; I’m gonna be good for a while).

Chapter 6 is done, I’ve got decent work done on Chapter 7, and oh god, this chapter is making me cry.  Look at that image above.  They actually did that!  They put white text over a white ship!  And that’s not even the worst part of this chapter!  I’m not kidding when I say working on parts of this chapter brought me to tears.

Update: Almost done; on the last chapter.  Just brainstorming how to work an annoying word gag that doesn’t directly translate to English.