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So, I noticed there was still one VHS tape I hadn’t reviewed yet.  It was just sitting in a corner of my desk.  Really gotta clean up here.  Unfortunately… blocks.  So yeah, I’m still gonna continue whittling away at my DVD pile now.  Next up should be Hyper Speed GranDoll, Geobreeders, Evangelion 1.11, .hack//Quantum, Pokemon Heroes, Pokemon 4Ever, Pokemon Destiny Deoxys, and pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker.  I plan to get .hack//Quantum and Evangelion done before SacAnime Summer so they’re ready for signage.

I recently watched the rest of Ninku, even though they weren’t translated.  I literally marathoned 30 episodes raw.  Luckily, it was pretty easy to pick up what was going on.  I missed out on some nuance, sure… but I was never completely lost.

Overall, great series with some amazing fights.  I think the Kisumi arc sort of ended abruptly.  Didn’t have quite the same build-up as Ajirada.  Mekira was just plain fun all the time.  I think the only thing I hated was the Rihoko episode.  Not only was it dialogue-heavy so I couldn’t learn anything important, it had a bloody awful art shift.  It was practically unwatchable.  And it was the ONLY episode with that art style.  Lastly… it was just plain bizarre that the main story ended at episode 50… and the last 5 episodes were fillers.

The best thing not enough people are reading is Onepunch-Man.  I’m actually mostly caught up with all the original webcomic chapters.  King is completely awesome.  Also, Tatsumaki is an amalgamation of traits I generally absolutely adore: she’s loli-faced, older than she looks, completely overpowering, and has green hair.  Despite this, I much prefer her younger (yet older-looking) sister Fubuki.  I haven’t quite pinpointed why.  Most people following it are following the manga, which is a remake of the webcomic.  The webcomic is actually only translated from after the Sea King arc, which just ended in the manga, so you can literally get caught up with the manga and switch to the webcomic if you are so inclined.

Next Bardass! chapter is about halfway done.  Next Millennium Match chapter was actually almost finished.  Then I realized the characterization was rushed and all wrong, so I’m going to go back and redo much of the chapter and extend a couple of scenes.  Chances are I’ll finish the Millennium Match chapter before the Bardass! chapter.

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  1. Okay, then I need to get rereading soon. I’m probably going to marathon it. Again, I could maybe get by without doing so, but it would be, uh, suboptimal.

    There is still a likelihood that I’ll watch Ninku, but I don’t know if I’ll want to continue into untranslated ones. Do the English subbed ones end on a reasonable note, or is it abrupt?

    Also, lately I’ve been playing Arkham City. I could talk at some length about it, but let me say that Batman’s Top of the World extreme map is… it’s a piece of shit, sorry. Gotta say, I’m pretty tired of ridiculous predator medals by now. I DON’T LIKE ARKHAM RIDDLER.

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