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I at least remember what happened in the remaining episodes of Vamoe Hunter Lumen, so why not do it in one go?

Episode 1: Attached

Lumen and Umbra take a job in Lapis Village.  Locked up in Maria’s basement is her daughter, Aire.  Lumen and Umbra are easily able to restore her, but Aire grows attached to Lumen.  The two are worried that Umbra’s Memory Wipe wasn’t completely successful… until they realize that it was 100% successful… they just targeted the wrong memory…

Episode 6: Ganging Up

After leaving Lumen and taking the Warp Ring (severely limiting his ability to travel), Umbra returns to Sapphire City to take up some jobs by herself.  Ran informs her that most of the jobs in town are taken by the V-Force 5, a team of five stunning super-heroines that are gaining popularity amongst the citizens.  Umbra infiltrates the organization under the pretense of joining; fortunately for her, some team rivalry causes dissention, and Umbra is accepted.  She learns that they are all cursed humans, explaining their supernatural powers, and that their manager is the vampire that cursed them.  Not only that, but the demons the girls slay were all summoned by that same manager using warp circles drawn in a cavern underneath Sapphire.  Umbra takes it upon herself to cure the vampire girls by slaying the one that cursed them, and does so by drawing her own warp circles over the old ones, creating a battlefield above ground in which Umbra can freely short-distance teleport anywhere.  Once the vampire is killed, the V-Force girls are left without their powers and seem destined for mediocrity… until they decide to take advantage of their fame and pursue the entertainment business.

Episode 12: Partner

Lumen arrives and saves Umbra from Gald.  Although he has the advantage with Holy Artes, Gald is still much stronger and a master of the Dark Artes.  During the battle, Lumen’s arm is broken, but, with support from Umbra, the two together are able to defeat him.

Episode 16: Threesome

When Lumen gets another job curing a guy, he decides to take advantage of Sierra and apply what he learned from his adventure in Silveria.  With gender no longer a barrier, the three take on many more jobs and soon accumulate a lot of money.

Episode 18: Thrust

Sierra’s twin sister Runa locates her, and the three fight her off, but Lumen uses his Holy Artes to bind her into submission, rather than kill her.  Runa warns that Kain is planning to invade the human realm to take Sierra back, while the remaining sisters are planning the same thing, only to kill her.  Lumen decides that it’ll be best to take the initiative, and suggests crossing the Alexandrite Forest to fight them in the demon realm.   Within the Alexandrite Forest, Lumen uses the last of his reserved Holy Artes power to kill dozens of demons in their path at once.  When they reach a clearing, Umbra decides to draw a Warp Circle so they can safely retreat and continue their explorationthe following day.  However, they are ambushed by Freyja Soren and her pet leviathan.  Umbra tries her best to construct the Warp Circle while Lumen protects her, so Sierra fights this battle herself and, after taking care of the Leviathan, kills Freyja with her Dark Icicle Rising.

Episode 19: Limp

Completely restored, the trio return and cross the Alexandrite Forest, but waiting for them at the gates to Garnet City, are Rose and Kain Soren.  As Sierra and Umbra fight evenly with Rose, Lumen takes on Kain by himself.  Lumen again quickly uses up his reserve of Holy Mana, and it’s almost completely wasted due to Kain’s mastery of the Warp art.  As Kain gains the upper hand, the strong concentration of Demonic Mana in the demon realm takes control of Lumen’s body, and he goes berserk, physically overpowering Kain.  As Lumen pounces in for the kill, a weakened Rose protects him with her body, resulting in Lumen tearing off her arm with his bare hands.  While Kain takes Rose back to Castle Soren, the berserk Lumen turns against Umbra, but snaps out of it from the light of Umbra’s ring.

Episode 20: Servant

Inside Garnet City, Lumen and Umbra pretend to be Sierra’s slaves so they can freely explore.  While checking out a museum dedicated to Gald Soren, Umbra notices an old journal that belonged to her slain master and decides to steal it.  Sierra brings Lumen and Umbra to a shrine dedicated to the Soren Family and meet Anna, who brings the three to an underground shrine dedicated to Rune Soren, the last pure ruler of the Soren family, and Lumen’s mother.  Anna also procures a Soren family heirloom, a bracelet that belonged to Rune, which reacts to the Soren blood in Lumen, proving that he is indeed a Soren.  Unable to face this fact, Lumen warps back to Sapphire.

Episode 22: Tension

Lumen and Sierra attack Castle Soren, to save Umbra, who had gone on ahead of them.  Umbra uses the forbidden art of Mana Conversion to absorb an unlimited amount of Mana into her body and use it to cast multiple Dark Artes, killing Julia Soren and most of the royal guards, and vaporizing Rose’s leg and prosthetic arm, but bringing herself near death in the process.  Lumen arrives in time to heal her while Sierra and Runa convince Rose to stop fighting.  With all other opposition out of their way, and most of the Soren sisters dead, all that remains is Kain and the Vampire King, Vier.

Episode 23: Climax

Lumen is easily able to fight of Vier, a 100% pure-blooded vampire, but it is Kain, out of revenge for his mother, who finishes him off.  The final battle is between Kain, the half-vampire half-succubus, and Lumen, the half-vampire half-human.  Lumen saves his Holy mana for later, deciding instead to fight Kain sword to sword.  They cross blades multiple times, but Lumen’s sword proves weaker.  Just as it breaks, Lumen pulls out his father’s knife and uses it to stab Kain and cast a Light Spear at close range.  This isn’t enough to kill him, however, and Kain flies toward Lumen for a final charge.  With most his Holy mana spent, Lumen relies on his demonic side and activates the Rune in his mother’s bracelet: the ultimate Succubus Art, Soren Soul Crush.  He combines the art with the Holy Sealing Art, and confines Kain’s soul into his own sword.

Episode 24: Resolution

Lumen gives the sword with Kain’s soul sealed inside it to Rose, and decides to say goodbye to the demon realm, turning down Sierra’s request to rule as its King.  He carries Umbra into his arms and Warps away, leaving the eldest daughter, Rose, as the default Demon Queen.  Sierra stays behind with Runa to help Rose, but as soon as she can, she returns to Sapphire, where Lumen and Umbra are nowhere to be found.  Sierra, disguised as “Sera,” converts the old DHA into a delivery service, and uses it as a front to find any clues about Lumen and Umbra’s whereabouts.  What she doesn’t know is that the two, now married and going by their true names of Kyle and Elise, are living quietly in Lapis Village, where Elise is showing some signs of pregnancy.

Six years later, Sera visits a five-year-old Lucia Menne at the rebuilt cabin near Topaz Town and tells her stories about her parents’ adventures (many of them pieced together from what she heard from others on her travels)… while leaving out all the naughty bits and greatly exaggerating her own role.

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