Fiction Anthology Project

What kind of acronym is that?!

Oh well. In the future, I will unveil a new project. An online anthology “magazine” featuring the first fictional original stories I’ve written since Vamoe Hunter Lumen. I don’t know when I’ll start producing and posting the stories, but at the very earliest they may show up during October.

The following series will be featured:

Bardass! by Shinokage
For years, the land was ruled by the evil Dark Lord Balken. A band of seven heroes from seven kingdoms banded together to defeat him, freeing the people from his dark grasp. However, the seven heroes proved to be equally as cruel as the former leader, and, as a unified force, they are far stronger than he was. In the present, Brier, a Dark Bard, and his familiar, Arco, search the lands for the Ultimate Inspiration, a mystical item that can only be used by bards to unlock a great power. With the Ultimate Inspiration, can the Dark Bard Brier defeat the seven heroes?

Timestream Trappers by Kristian Kruz
It is the year 2059, and time travel has been banned. Its widespread abuse has caused multiple parallel timelines to appear and conflict with each other. In order to save their universe, Chronos was created to travel back in time and eliminate the multiple time streams, and if necessary, other travelers that refuse to comply. Chronos Agent Grace Poole and rookie Max Frost team up to investigate these alternate time streams and battle the mysterious rival organization Aeon.

Millenium Match by OtakuD50
Two warring clans will mix their bloodlines in the year 2000, and the product of that union will attain unimaginable wealth and power. This is the ancient prophecy that brought 15-year-old yakuza heir Ryogo Misaki and the 16-year-old daughter of a wealthy politician, Saki Satoumura, together in a secret ritual marriage that was arranged, held, and consummated, completely against their will in the year 1998. However, Ryogo is in love with a childhood friend, and Saki is completely repulsed by Ryogo’s family, and especially Ryogo himself. Will they ever grow to love each other to fulfill the prophecy? Is the prophecy even true? Probably not to both, but hey, let’s find out…

SummonArt by Megami Redline
There exist in this world a number of beings who have the ability to summon art to life – magical summon monsters. By combining art with the feelings infused in them by their artist, the resulting summon monster lives as the artist intended and creates a bond with their summoner. Terry learns about the existence of summonart monsters and their summoners when one such summoner, Jin, saves him from a summoned beast. As payment for saving his life, Terry supports Jim by providing him with new summon mediums.

3 thoughts on “Fiction Anthology Project”

  1. Bardass sounds like the aftermath of a DnD campaign.

    DM: You meet the king. He thanks you profusely for the service you have provided and offers his eternal gratitude.
    Player 1: I kill him and take the crown.
    DM: … what?
    Player 2: Dibs on the elves. Gonna torch me some long ears.
    DM: …

    Also, whatever happened to Redline?

  2. She’s lying in wait with her massive kitten army, looking for the perfect opportunity to conquer the foolish mortals that are utterly unprepared for kitten-based wave tactics.


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