Bardass! – A second map of Rym

So, I decided to draw up a new map, this time in GIMP.  Once more I must say that I am absolutely terrible at… well, anything artistic.  I probably should have included a key/legend, but I like to think most of us have looked at enough maps to figure out what’s going on.  Dark green is forests, light green is grasslands.  Dark brown is mountains, light brown is desert.  White is snowlands, gray is mountains again.

Yeah, it’s just color-coded since I’m not drawing in forests and mountains in a realistic geographical type way.


Additional info:

The Astorian Forest was once part of the Rhean Forest.  Its separation is entirely man-made.

Rym is a single continent.  However, the Cataclysm of Water destroyed and sank the Kingdom of Wilder, separating Rym into two parts.  Sailing the straits where Wilder used to be is incredibly dangerous, but is the only way to travel between the two lands since there are no ports on the eastern side of lower Rym.

Upper Rym is approximately 1.3 times the size of China.

Rym is almost entirely in the upper hemisphere of the planet.

There are other continents on the same planet as Rym, but the current technology has limited travel between them.  They are completely unaware of each other.  The technology level of the other continents are all slightly more advanced than present in Rym, but not by much.  Their inability to use magic actually puts them behind Rym overall.  In case you’re wondering, the roots of the Dead Ash are all lodged in Rym.  They do not reach into these other continents.

2 thoughts on “Bardass! – A second map of Rym”

  1. I don’t think it looks bad. It serves its purpose. The yellow over the white and light brown areas is a little hard to read in the scaled down versions, though.

    Why are there no ports in eastern lower Rym?

    1. The simple answer is that no one settled there. The desert is full of dangerous hazards, and making a port any further east than Yuga is just forcing traders and adventurers to travel farther in that environment to reach the Oases of Rieve Elan and Aria. The mountains to the north are also safer and provide more natural formations that provide shade and shelter.

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