Project status update: no surprises here!

I’m heading into a really busy semester and won’t have time to do a lot of what I really want to do… which is to be expected.  I really should have graduated years ago, but long story short: I’ve wasted years of my life.  I blame going straight into a counseling class at a community college right after high school (and I’m talking literally a couple of weeks after graduating high school).

More to the point, here’s the rundown:

Fiction Projects:

Bardass! remains my number 1 priority.  Simply put, I like what I’m doing with it, and I’ve grown attached to the characters.  The story simply has to be told.  That said, expect one, maybe two more chapters before the end of the month.  Most likely just one.  I hope to finish the Etrium arc by the end of the semester though.

Millennium Match is something I definitely want to finish, but the drive just hasn’t been there.  If I put as much effort into it as I did Bardass! it would be done by now.  It was never supposed to be  particularly long story.

Everything else is shelved due to lack of interest.

Game Projects:

.hack//Proximity is something I want to continue.  RPG hasn’t finished the graphics I assigned to him over a year ago, and I’m not holding my breath for him to finish them.  I’ve also gotten pretty rusty with Novelty.  But I’m sure I can pick it back up.  Last time I worked on it, I was struggling with importing files from my laptop to my new computer (Kiria).  Since I had the foresight to claim I would finish this after 4 or 7 years (I honestly forgot how long, but it was definitely at least 4 years) I am actually on track.

Vamoe Guardian Lucia was something I put on hiatus a long time ago because I simply hated the limitations of RPG Maker 2003.  I downloaded the trial for VX Ace, and I think I’m going to buy it and redo VGL with the Ace engine.  There’s just so much more I can do with it.  Sure, all the work I did with the 2003 version will be for nothing, but I can still look back and say “yeah… I totally did THAT with RPG Maker 2003.”  I had a lot of triumphs with what I accomplished, but I actually stand a chance at implementing all of the systems I had in mind with VX Ace.  That said, I won’t have any free time to learn how to work with VX Ace until at least summer.

Natsume Updates:

I really need to post some bragging picks with the two Natsumes I made in Guild Wars 2, but they’re not exactly where I want them quite yet.  As for Phantasy Star Online 2… stay tuned.

Anime Reviews:

Part of my self-improvement this year is in time management.  I’m going to greatly limit my Guild Wars 2 time (which has been drawing me away from writing and other hobbies like… making games and watching anime… damn you, GW2!!!!) and assign one day of the week where I watch anime in my backlog.  I have a seriously huge backlog, and I DO have a method to capture screencaps.  So yeah, look forward to that.  I’ve got some seriously obscure titles too, just how I like it.

Anime Conventions:

I’m going to attend Sac Anime Summer 2013, even if it’s still downtown.  I don’t like the idea of not attending one this year.  I will go either as Dr. Nemesis (X-Men) or Alias (Gravity Rush).

One thought on “Project status update: no surprises here!”

  1. Life is a sandbox game, Otaku.

    Anyway, I think I haven’t read the last few parts of Millennium Match. I don’t want to see you drop it either, although I’m also more interested in Bardass! atm. Also, I was actually thinking/wondering about your reviews immediately before reading this post. It’s good to hear you’ve got plans!

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