The Watchening: Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation Episode 8


Wow, it’s been a while, huh?  Well, let’s just jump right in because it’s the only way I know.

In the aftermath of the previous episode, Itsuki is suddenly a lot more interested in figuring out just what the heck Aika is… and as a result, he spends a significant amount of the episode stalking her.

It’s come full circle.

It’s kind of sad that low-level comedic misunderstandings are what entertains me most about this series.
Just kidding; it’s actually random-ass blatant Sega fanservice that brings me back.

So uh… while this is going on, Rina wants Itsuki’s help in setting up the after party.  I’ve long forgotten what that was all about, and I can’t be bothered to give a shit.  All you need to know is that Rina is allegedly really adorable and charms all the guys into agreeing with her… sure, why not.  Oh, and she notices Itsuki’s interest in Aika and is jealous.

I need to look over my previous posts to see if I’ve ever liked Rina, because right now she’s just painfully boring and drags the episode along.  I swear, I was 9 minutes in and wondering when the hell it was going to end.

Anyway, yada yada yada, stalking Aika, yada yada yada people spreading rumors, yada yada yada going on a date with a loli…

This is a very paint-by-numbers episode.

Oh yeah, there’s a subplot about a missing college student that may be connected to the game.  At the end, Darkers enter the real world through Itsuki’s notVita.

It’s a Darker. Seriously, HOW long have you been playing this game?

Itsuki manages to “awaken,” transforming into his game avatar’s super mode and fighting them off, much to Aika’s… surprise?  It seems like she was half expecting something to happen with Itsuki all along, but it still comes off as pulling it out of someone’s ass.  Or NotVita.

Honestly, it’s a very disjointed, lazy episode.  We spend 22 minutes of Itsuki being interested in finding out about Aika, Rina being jealous, and Itsuki unlocking a super mode once in the game and once in real life.  The key word of the series is: dragging.

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