Nora Ch. 2 and Twinkle Nora Ch. 1

I figure I should be able to get Nora chapters out at a decent clip if I finish three pages a day.  However, that amount of work leaves me with little time to do anything else.  Three weeks per chapter is probably the safest bet for Nora chapters while maintaining my sanity.  Two weeks would be nice and may be more doable starting a couple of weeks from now.  One week is outright not happening.  One month?  Something terrible may have happened.

Anyway, I’ll be working on Twinkle Nora concurrently.  It’s not all that related to the original Nora manga.  Nora’s completely different and gains psychic powers.  Plus, only 9 short chapters of Nora followed by 8 longer chapters of not Nora.  Honestly, despite the lack of Nora, I’m not angry at the shift.  It reminds me of Short Program, which, if you haven’t read, YOU NEED TO READ NOW.

Nora Chapter 2

Twinkle Nora Chapter 1

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