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Hentai Hump-Day! Yu-No (1998)

It has been too long.

It’s time, once again, for ev’rybody to come aboard HENTAI HUMP-DAY!

What’s that?  It’s not Wednesday?  Well, I figured it would be appropriate to post this return on Singles Awareness Day.

This is the official beginning of my ELF retrospective on our long countdown to the new Yu-No anime, and we start off with… the old Yu-No anime.  Swell.

Ah yes… be prepared for tons of bullshit and unanswered mysteries. It’s like a less convoluted and less interesting Divi-Dead.

Before we start, a moment to reflect on how much I hate Nutech DVDs, and the early DVD era as a whole.  My copy of Yu-No is a four-DVD box set, holding the entire four-episode series.  Yep, one episode per DVD.  They also had a  bad tendency of hiring actual porn stars to do voice work AND they would promote the fact on the box, sometimes with pictures of the porn stars in question.  Wow, featuring the voices of Jenna Jameson and Kobe Tai?  EVEN MORE REASON FOR ME TO IMMEDIATELY SWITCH TO JAPANESE!  And on each of these DVDs, you get special features like… image galleries!  Yeah, exclusive screencaps of the episode!  Wow, it’s just like pausing the real thing!  IIRC, ADV was guilty of this shit too, but at least they would include scans of promotional material along with the screencaps.

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