Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 9 – Uncomfortable

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations. It is suggested for readers 18+ only. Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 9: Uncomfortable (40%)

Preview: Lumen was tricked into working a job for a GUY. Even worse, he can’t get out of it, unless he’s willing to take on the entire army of Silveria. Quite possibly his greatest challenge yet, but maybe he’s got some tricks up his sleeve…

Silveria Castle

After the hell I went through, I almost didn’t want to go through with my job. And then I realized I desperately needed the money. Lucky me, my next client was a regional lord meaning oh so much money. Things are looking up!

Lumen: Whew, this is something else! Alright, let’s get that audience with the lord! And who am I talking to? *sigh*

Lord Rex XV: Welcome, Lumen. You are… considerably late, but there’s still time.
Lumen: Sorry, I kind of…
Lord Rex XV: We care not.
Lumen: Oh.
Lord Rex XV: Bring Robin in!
Guards 1 & 2: At once, sir!

This really was something else. I waited a few minutes and soon enough, in came a rather tomboyish-looking girl.

Lord Rex XV: This is Robin.
Robin: How do you do?
Lord Rex XV: Robin is to succeed me in ruling the Eastern Lands.
Lumen: Wow, that’s unheard of, allowing a… a… W-wait a minute… it can’t be…
Lord Rex XV: Yes, contrary to the message we’ve sent, Robin is in fact a boy.
Lumen: Ack! But… wh-why…
Lord Rex XV: I will not inquire why, but it is said you only accept requests if the affected is female. But now that you are here… you have no choice. Guards!

I was immediately surrounded by soldiers.

Lumen: *gulp* What’s this for?
Lord Rex XV: It is imperative that Robin become a man in time for his coming of age ceremony, so no normal Cleric will do. You are not to leave this castle until your job is done!
Lumen: R-right…
Lord Rex XV: Now, you must be done within two days! Need you any materials to ensure a timely success?
Lumen: Uh… do you have any tomes on holy and demon arts?
Lord Rex XV: What for?
Lumen: Yes or no?
Lord Rex XV: Hmm… Nothing on demon magic, but we have many holy tomes.
Lumen: *sigh* I guess it’ll have to do… There’s something I need to look up, so I’ll get to it tomorrow.
Lord Rex XV: See that you do.

I was handed a few Holy magic tomes and sent to my room, which had guards posted outside to prevent my escape.

Lumen: AAAAARGH! What am I going to do?! Oh yeah, I can warp out! Oh, but then I wouldn’t get the money… *sigh*

If I were really desperate, I could just use illusion magic and take the form of a woman… but oh god, that’s disgusting! Then I thought I might just use an erotic illusion and not get my hands dirty, but honestly, I can’t use Cursebreaker unless I’m having sex (I never learned how to use it the conventional way). If I managed to pull it off, there’s still the chance I can’t drain his life energy since he needs to offer it up during a state of ecstasy. Mother… if only you had taught me how to use that technique… Then again I guess that wouldn’t be the least bit appropriate.

Lumen: *heavy sigh*

After studying the tomes thoroughly, I got an idea about how curse removal works, but I needed practice.

Lumen: Hey.
Guard 1: What is it?
Lumen: How important is this coming of age ceremony?
Guard 2: The young master will not be able to succeed his father, and Lord Rex will have no worthy heir. It is of the utmost importance!
Lumen: I see. Listen. In order for me to properly remove the curse in a situation such as this, I will need some special materials. Could I ask that one of the maids come to my room and listen to my requests?
Guard 1: What’s wrong with us?
Lumen: Now, now have you forgotten why you’re here? Your duty is to make certain I don’t escape! Suppose I told you to fetch some things and used that time to leave unhindered? It would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t it?
Guard 1: I understand.
Lumen: Good. I suspect it wouldn’t take very long for one of you to find someone.
Guard 2: I’ll do it.
Lumen: Great. Oh, and uh… I’d prefer it if she’s y’know… easy on the eyes. And a virgin.
Guard 2: What?!
Lumen: Virgin blood is a necessary ingredient in many rituals! Is it so difficult to ask?
Guard 2: No, I suppose not. You ARE the expert, I suppose.
Guard 1: The new girl is perfect, don’t you think?
Guard 2: Oh, I think so! Heh heh, you’ll like this one, sir.
Lumen: Hop to it, then!
Guard 2: Yes sir! Don’t take your eyes off him.
Guard 1: I won’t.

Guard 1: You had better not be pulling our chain.
Lumen: Wouldn’t dream of it! So, uh… this girl… Judging from what you say, she’s quite the beauty, eh?
Guard 1: Most definitely.
Lumen: Nice, perky breasts, am I right? Soft, smooth skin?
Guard 1: It wouldn’t be my place to comment…
Lumen: You haven’t been… tempted… right? Never had the urge to spy on the girl changing or bathing? Never imagined those soft, supple…
Guard 1: N-no, no no no no no! I…
Lumen: “Destroy the moral restraints and succumb to passion. Hear not but primal urge and fall prey to desire!”
Guard 1: M-my body… What have you done to me?
Lumen: Just… a minor curse.
Guard 2: I brought her, sir!
Guard 1: Ah… Amy… Amy!
Amy: Yes?

The guard immediately pounced on the maid and tore the top of her uniform off.

Amy: KYAAAA!! No, stop! Get off!
Guard 2: Have you gone mad?!
Lumen: “Light of salvation, suppress this man’s evil urges!”

The guard fainted while on top of the girl.

Guard 2: Amazing…
Lumen: This is just temporary. Lock him away until I can treat him further. I’ll tend to the girl. She seems to be in shock.

Lumen recruits Amy’s help with the ritual. In order to drain energy from Robin, he must offer it up in a state of ecstasy. Amy will be used for this. Meanwhile, Lumen also uses her in order to reach a state of ecstasy to use his Cursebreaker technique. It’s risky, but the plan is successful. Fortunately for Lumen, Amy was willing to do this because she was in love with the prince, and fortunately for Amy, Robin returns her affections. And especially fortunately for Lumen, he gets paid 15,000 G! All’s well that ends well!

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