Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 10 – Shame

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations.  It is suggested for readers 18+ only.  Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 10:  Shame (70%)

Preview: Lumen is racked with guilt because the client he takes on this time proves to be… well… let’s just say uncooperative…

In Pyrite Village, Lumen takes on another job. This time the client is a girl named Lulu…

Lumen: Lulu, right?
Lulu: Yes?
Lumen: How are you?
Lulu: I’m thirsty…
Lumen: Well, let’s see if I can’t do something about that.
Lulu: Wh-what are you going to do?
Lumen: This.

I surprised Lulu by suddenly kissing her on the lips. My tongue seemed to fill her small mouth, and to tell the truth, it tasted kinda sweet.

Lulu: No!
Lumen: Why did you break away?
Lulu: It… doesn’t feel right…
Lumen: Oh, it’ll feel right…

I slid my hand underneath Lulu’s blouse and pulled at her nipples gently while caressing the nape of her neck with my tongue. Lulu seemed to shirk away upon my touch.

Lulu: No…
Lumen: This is starting to piss me off… I don’t have the time for this. Gaze of Seduction!
Lulu: Ah…

I reached down and played with her pussy, but I was frustrated and shocked to find that the only part of her getting wet was her eyes.

Lumen: Wh-what?
Lulu: *sob* Wh-why…
Lumen: This is different…

I stopped using my fingers and started using my tongue. There seemed to be no change, but…
Lulu: I feel so warm…

Lumen was successful, but he falls into a bout of depression – that was the first time a girl was so unwilling. He practically forced himself on her. Lumen drifts off to a nearby bar to get his mind off things, when…

Lumen: Damn… How could I do that?
???: I’ll tell you. It’s because you’re an undisciplined half-breed demon!
Lumen: What? Who are you? How do you-

I turned around and was just about to clock the guy when I noticed…

Lumen: Fa… Father Rougent?!
Father Rougent: Well, well. It seems you haven’t grown up one bit these past three years, eh, young Menne?
Lumen: My name’s Lumen now.
Father Rougent: Suit yourself, but to me you’ll always be that impatient loudmouth brat that can’t do anything on his own.
Lumen: Hmph. I’ve gotten along fine, thanks.
Father Rougent: Really? And what was it you were lamenting all solemnly just now?
Lumen: N-none of your business.
Father Rougent: Sounds to me like you let your demonic urges get the best of you, in which case, it may just be my business.
Lumen: Well you don’t have to worry about that.
Father Rougent: Oh? In that case, it’s much worse.
Lumen: How do you figure?
Father Rougent: If you had gone demon, that would at least give you an excuse. Doing something you’d regret while you’re still in control… that makes you no different from a common sinner.
Lumen: Grr…
Father Rougent: Of course, it’s no excuse even if you had gone demon. Your father was just like you, but he had discipline. And your mother, although a demon, was practically a saint. You have no one to blame but yourself.
Lumen: Jeez, you sure know how to hurt a guy when he’s down.
Father Rougent: Ha haha!! Well, it is the best way to hurt someone!
Lumen: … Father, I feel horrible. Just for old times’ sake, will you listen to my sins?
Father Rougent: Reconciliation? Ha, that’s a laugh. Listen, I’m quite fond of you, boy. But no amount of prayer and holy water can salvage your soul. I can tell.
Lumen: What makes you say that?!
Father Rougent: Well, for starters, I see you have your father’s knife. That tells me you’ve been to the Topaz Temple. Since no one’s there but a single apprentice Cleric, knowing you I can only assume you’ve defiled the holy grounds as well as Sister Celia, you sick, sick bastard.
Lumen: Urk… well…
Father Rougent: So it’s true! *sigh* And yet you wonder why I can’t do a thing for you.
Lumen: Then what am I supposed to do?
Father Rougent: Do you feel remorse?
Lumen: Of course!
Father Rougent: Then ask someone who cares.

Father Rougent got up but didn’t leave.

Father Rougent: Say… that’s quite the bundle you’ve got there. How much?
Lumen: Huh? About 11,000 G… why?
Father Rougent: I’ll take that!
Lumen: What? H-hey, why…
Father Rougent: This should help the town out, don’t you think?
Lumen: Ah…
Father Rougent: Oh, don’t worry. I left you enough to live a week off.

And so, he left. I didn’t feel any better, and now I was broke again. Father Rougent wouldn’t absolve my sins… but I guess that was his way of telling me to handle it myself instead of taking the easy way out. I went back to Lily’s place.

Lily: Oh, you came back.
Lumen: Yeah. I just wanted to…
Lulu: Ah!
Lily: Lulu? Oh, that’s right, you were passed out. Now’s your chance to thank Mr. Lumen for curing you.
Lulu: I… I…
Lily: Lulu?
Lulu: I’m… sorry!

Lulu ran to her room.

Lily: What was that about? Please forgive her, I don’t know…
Lumen: It’s fine. I need to talk with her. If that’s alright.
Lily: Oh… certainly.
Lumen: Thanks.

I entered Lulu’s room and found her cowering on her bed.

Lumen: Lulu…
Lulu: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Even though I’ve never seen you before, I can’t help but look away! Mom says you cured me, but… but…
Lumen: …That’s… okay. I… got carried away and did something I shouldn’t have. I’m the one who should be sorry.
Lulu: Huh? Wh-what did you do?
Lumen: I… Hmm…

I inched closer toward Lulu, who didn’t notice me until I placed my hand on her shoulder.

Lulu: Huh?
Lumen: Your memory isn’t completely erased, so I can still… Memory Restore!
Lulu: Ah!

It was probably cruel to revive the memory of that day, but it’s probably better that she know the truth.

Lulu: Y-you… How could you… It hurt… It hurt so much…
Lumen: I’m really sorry. There’s nothing I could do to make up for it, and I can’t…
Lulu: Stop talking! I don’t want to hear it! Stay away, stay away!
Lumen: Please, listen!
Lulu: *sob* Mommy….

Lulu ran toward the door, but I blocked the way. I walked toward Lulu, but the scared girl just walked backwards at the same pace. She eventually backed herself to a corner, and I caught up.

Lulu: *sobs* Why… Are you going to do that to me again?
Lumen: . . .

I grabbed Lulu and held her in my arms, and she struggled, albeit weakly, to break free. After a few minutes, she stopped trying and instead just trembled in fear.

Lumen: Are you ready to listen to me?
Lulu: Wh-why aren’t you doing anything?
Lumen: I told you, I’m sorry. I’m not that kind of guy. Believe me, I wish I hadn’t been so forceful…
Lulu: … I believe you.
Lumen: You do? Just like that?
Lulu: Yeah… You’re… warm. Different from the last time. I can sense that you’re really a good person… but there’s also something scary inside you.
Lumen: You can sense all that? (Can she sense the Mana in my body?)
Lulu: I’m still angry, but I’ll try to forgive you. But… you have to do something for me…
Lumen: What’s that?

One day of household chores for what was practically rape. I have to say, I got off easy.

As I left Lily’s house, I noticed the old man waiting for me.

Lumen: Huh. And here I thought you took my money and ran.
Father Rougent: Well, I was, but that can wait. I just happened upon some info you may be interested in.
Lumen: Does it involve money?
Father Rougent: Perhaps.
Lumen: Well, spill!
Father Rougent: A demon has taken residence at a nearby village. It’s an incredibly powerful vampire.
Lumen: Meh, someone else probably took the job and will take care of it before me.
Father Rougent: The demon is of the family Soren.
Lumen: !!! Soren… Which city is it?

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