Bardass! Classes Part 2

This was just sitting in my drafts and I decided why not?  I was originally going to spread this out to three or four parts, but… not seeing a particularly good reason to leave any of the class information hidden.

Knight (Kent, Kruseid)

The Knight is skilled in the use of the sword and shield and is heavily armored. In exchange for complete loyalty toward the Lord they serve, the Knight’s repair expenses are covered – so they are free to fight as fiercely and as recklessly as possible to defeat their foes.

Cavalry Lancer

The Cavalry Lancer is a Knight on horseback that wields a heavy lance. The heavy lance is the single most powerful melee weapon, and a mounted attack from full speed is capable of killing most soldiers in a single blow. Though they specialize in a long-distance charge, the heavy lance is too unwieldy in close quarters combat – so Cavalry Lancers often carry a sidearm such as a knife or hand mace.

Cavalry Stormer

The Cavalry Stormer is a Knight on horseback that wields a longbow. They use their superior mobility to avoid counterattacks while they pick apart their enemies from a distance. Cavalry Stormers are highly skilled in quickly taking aim at moving targets.

Corsair (Carwin)

The Corsair is a fighter that specializes in aquatic combat. The Corsair’s preferred method of combat is to analyze its foe from afar, then swiftly move in and strike to kill. The Corsair is willing to use any means necessary to defeat its foe, but if it is unable to find a weak spot to attack, the Corsair will resort to rapidly attacking an opponent repeatedly.

Vigilant (Driscoll)

On a ship, the Vigilant takes the night watch, ready for battle when others are asleep. It is the job of the Vigilant to warn its allies when danger approaches. Its honed skills allows it to detect even hidden foes easily. In battle, the Vigilant prefers to use ranged arms to keep its enemies at bay; it is also trained to use a large shield for defense. Lastly, the Vigilant has a small assortment of skills to rouse and rally its allies to battle, even if they aren’t at full health.

Thief (Kendrick, Kazan)

The simple Thief has the ability to pick locks and steal from their enemies. It rarely uses its own items in battle, preferring to use what it can find. The Thief specializes in speed and stealth, avoiding battle for the most part.

Assassin (Braddock, Raven)

The Assassin uses the Thief’s natural skills to use in a deadly fighting style revolving around surprise attacks, disarmament, and indirect attacks. The Assassin always fights without showing itself willingly. If an Assassin challenges you to a one-on-one duel, it’s a trap.

Rogue (Ratchet)

The Rogue is a master Thief. Having perfected the art of theft, the Rogue announces its own presence just to make its job a challenge. The opposite of the stealthy Thief and Assassin, the Rogue draws as much attention as possible to itself, making use of evasive skills and flashy, unorthodox attacks to succeed in battle.

Spirit Attuner (Hayle)

The Spirit Attuner has yet to master any useful spells, acting as a potential apprentice for any of the three promoted classes. Spirit Attuners rely on the use of Glyphs to activate basic-level magic spells. The Attuner also has access to training-level spells from each of the three advanced classes, making it the only class capable of elemental magic, curses, and necromancy.

Alchemist (Avery)

Alchemists choose not to use their own bodies as a conduit for the spirits, but rather devices to use as catalysts. They prefer not to rely on the power of spirits but their own ingenuity to make up for their own lack of physical attributes.

Dancer (Karen)

Dancers perform battle dances that increase party morale and confound enemies. When not strictly performing, they are decent melee fighters, employing a unique and mesmerizing attack style that flawlessly flows in and out of status-changing dances.  Unlike their brother class, the Bard, Dancers often carry small arms such as throwing knives on them at all times.

Harlot (Seci)

Harlots combine the skills of the Bard, Dancer, and Mage into a single deadly package. They perform seductive dances to draw the attention of their enemies, then attack with deadly dance strikes or unique spell songs, magic spells that can only be used by the Harlot class. Their ability to rapidly shift tactics makes them difficult to predict.

Ascetic (Bairnes)

The Ascetic combines the skills of the Bard and Dancer, using both to mimic the movements and voice of the spirits, allowing them to take full control of their bodies. While the Ascetic has no control over their own actions, their battle potential is vastly increased, capable of feats no mortal can duplicate.

Barrier Maiden (Lydia)

An advanced class for Clerics who focus on barrier construction. By entering a trance, Barrier Maidens are capable of constructing a completely impenetrable barrier over a wide radius. Although nothing can harm the protected allies within, neither can those allies attack foes outside the barrier. Thus, the Barrier Maiden’s primary function is to exhaust an enemy’s energy or as an emergency defense against deadly attacks. Because of this limitation and their inability to heal, Barrier Maidens are extremely rare.


An advanced class for Clerics, the Messiah has become one with the healing force and capable of healing others with a mere touch. For the Messiah, casting healing spells and barriers is as easy as blinking. In exchange for near-limitless healing ability and zero casting time, the Messiah loses their ability to activate their spells from long distance, affecting only a point blank area.


A master Monk, the Exorcist has mastered Smiting magic to the degree that they can mimic some healing spells. By Exorcising evil from their allies, an Exorcist is capable of driving out poisons, hexes, parasites, and foreign objects. Exorcists have also mastered the Monk’s Final Art of Purification, which can cleanse even an entire dungeon of all evil influence, though this requires much preparation.


The Hunter is a master of survival in the wild. Armed with a bow and a knife, the Hunter is adept in solo battle, taking advantage of the terrain and picking its attacks carefully. The Hunter also has skills in foraging, detecting edible food and hidden stashes that other classes are likely to miss.


The Trapper is a more passive class that specializes in making and setting traps and honing skills designed to lure its enemies to those traps. Whether it’s a simple snare or a deadly pitfall, the Trapper’s traps are devious, placing its enemies at a disadvantage before they even know they’re in a fight.

Tamer (Viola, Chelsea)

The Tamer charms animals and forms a strong bond with them.  Together, they act as one in battle.  It’s said that especially skilled Tamers can communicate empathically with their partners and react to each other’s needs as if they were their own limbs.

Sniper (Roegen)

The Sniper has mastered archery and can accurately strike their enemy’s weak points from great distances.  While their range gives them an obvious defensive advantage, they are more commonly known for being the first to strike, ambushing their enemies with precision strikes long before they come into combat range.

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