Hentai Hump-Day! Civilian Justice Company

HumpdayHentai Henshin!  This week, we’re taking a quick look at one of the most innovative RPG Maker-based hentai games I’ve had the pleasure of playing.  Part magical girl, part tokusatsu, Civilian Justice Company is a fun diversion that lays the groundwork for what could potentially be a stronger franchise… but ultimately won’t.  But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a bigger circle to completely rip it off.

Hmm, Hentai Henshin... I'm tempted to do this theme somewhere down the line.
Hmm, Hentai Henshin… I’m tempted to do this theme somewhere down the line.

The evil organization Wicked Light is terrorizing the country.  The only resistance against them are Civilian Justice Companies that use Kagutsuchi jewels to empower Champions of Justice.  You play Natsume, a middle school student that is stabbed and left for dead.  She’s saved by Akina, a Champion of Justice, who removes her Kagutsuchi to save Natsume’s life.  Natsume wakes up at Akina’s company and learns that she owes her life to them.

"Pay no attention to the fact that we could have easily given you a gown or, hell, covered you with that bedsheet."
“Pay no attention to the fact that we could have easily given you a gown or, hell, covered you with that bedsheet.”

Without the Kagutsuchi, Akina is powerless, and if Natsume removes it, she’ll die.  So, she’s given the opportunity to work for the company part-time as a Champion of Justice.

You are actually given the “option” of choosing not to.

I'm sorry.  I'll be good.
I’m sorry. I’ll be good.

Basically, Natsume spends her weekends doing the Champion of Justice thing, and she has 52 weeks before her body recovers enough to safely remove her Kagutsuchi.  In that time, the primary goal is to clear every area of an enemy boss.

Battles are for the most part Ys-style; you bump into enemies to do damage, and they do damage to you.  You can level up by killing multiple enemies, but the most significant way to increase your attack output is to see the Doc and upgrade the Kagutsuchi’s weapons system.  You can also upgrade its armor, but from my experience, it doesn’t actually reduce the amount of damage you take, but rather, increases the threshold damage you can absorb before Natsume takes clothing damage.

In addition to battling, you also have to worry about income.  The Doc’s lab requires a weekly upkeep to stay in business, and upgrading it with expansions and more lab equipment results in a higher upkeep.  You earn bonus money from clearing a map of all mooks and clearing the boss, but you can also earn a weekly salary by singing up with sponsors and investors.  By performing better in battle and increasing your fame, you can attract more and richer investors and take part in promotional events like guest appearances on TV.  And if you get especially desperate, you can eventually whore yourself out to secure better deals.  But why would you?

Oh, right… this is a hentai game.

Tastes like apocalypse.
Tastes like apocalypse.

Honestly, the premise and mechanics of this game could make for a really good mobile or handheld game… maybe by NIS?  Get to it, guys!

Outside of the grinding, the game is disappointingly short.  Pretty much all of the hentai content comes from getting raped by enemies or whoring yourself out to sponsors.  There’s practically no character development throughout the game, but if you look for it, there’s actually a strong foundation for each of the main characters – the circle just never pulled the trigger on it, obviously because that would be low priority in what’s ultimately a cheap H-game with a small market.  But the concepts and the effort put into the game are still top tier quality compared to other RPG Maker H-games.  I honestly can’t say enough how much I wish this were at least a big studio H-game, if not outright a mainstream game with no H-content whatsover.

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