Fam & Ihrie Ruin Explorers Ch. 5.7

RE-5-7-CapI really need to find the time to finish this translation up soon.

Ruin Explorers Ch. 5.7

So, I managed to acquire the Special Plus, but I haven’t gotten around to scanning quite yet.  It’ll take a while.

This thing is rather huge, which is great for scan quality.  The biggest, most noticeable problem with the old scans was that the low scan quality resulted in Fam’s skin tone being faded.  Here’s a comparison:

RE-Comparison-01For the sake of quickness, I’ll be sticking to the old scans to the end, then I’ll go back and redo Chapter 5 using my own scans.  I will of course try my best to decipher those margin notes, but it is rather difficult to do.

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