Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 2 – Protection

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations.  It is suggested for readers 18+ only.  Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 2: Protection (95%)

Preview: Lumen and Umbra come to Opal at the request of Kenneth. He refuses to pay unless he personally witnesses the ritual to restore his daughter, Sara. Awkward…

Opal Town

Lumen: Okay, where’s our next client at?
Umbra: It’s the big mansion on top of the hill.
Lumen: Which one?
Umbra: Oh… I see what you mean.  Let’s see… according to the directions…. we head east from this gate… and then we stop right here…
Lumen: Whoa!  It’s huge!
Umbra: … and it should be across from here…
Lumen: *turns around*  Oh.  Meh, still a pretty big house.
Umbra: Indeed.  Hopefully we can pool around 2000-5000G from this job alone.

Kenneth: Thank you for coming, Lumen.  I’ve heard stories about your skill… but to think you would be so young… I’m quite surprised.
Umbra: Are you sure you’re not thinking of someone else?
Lumen: *jab!* (Shut up, Umbra!)  So, where’s the, uh, “patient?”
Kenneth: In her room.  It’s upstairs.  Follow me.

Kenneth: Sara.  I’m coming in with some people who should be able to help you.

Lumen: Whoa…
Umbra: I wasn’t expecting this…
Lumen: Normally the girls are kept in a prison to prevent escape.
Kenneth: I would never do such a thing to her.
Sara: I have no reason to leave the house.
Lumen: Impressive.  Usually a girl your age would have gone mad from the insatiable appetite for blood.
Sara: Insatiable?  But I have two cups every day.
Lumen & Umbra: Eh?
Kenneth: Well, you see… we have a lot of servants.  We extract a small amount of blood from each of them once a week and store them.
Lumen: And you’ve been living like this for how long?
Kenneth: About five years.
Umbra: So why the need to call us now?
Kenneth: Well… a year ago, our town contracted a disease.  Half my staff died, and the remaining, including myself, are still undergoing Cleric treatment.  Needless to say, we have not been able to extract any blood during that time and are unable still.  The blood reserves we stored will run out within a week.  Truth be told, I didn’t know what to do until I heard about you from one of the Clerics.
Lumen: That’s quite the story.  You certainly love your daughter to go to such lengths.  Very well, we’ll start immediately!
Kenneth: Thank you.
Umbra: Then please, leave the room and do not enter until we say so.
Kenneth: Actually, I’d like to witness the ceremony personally.
Lumen & Umbra: Ah…
Umbra: I’m sorry but you can’t… The risk…
Kenneth: I’ve heard all about the pain Sara will go through, as well as the magic discharge, the side effects of year-long night terrors, and the halving of my remaining life span.  [Note: these are all lies]  I don’t care.  I deserve that kind of pain.  I’m no saint.  I demand you allow me to witness the ceremony!
Lumen: I refuse to let you suffer needlessly.
Kenneth: Then I’ll refuse to pay you for your services.
Lumen & Umbra: Ack!
Lumen: M-maybe there is a way we can do this…
Umbra: There is?
Lumen: Yes, it’ll just take an extra day of preparation, if that’s alright.
Kenneth: Certainly.

Lumen: Listen, it’ll be fine.
Umbra: How so?
Lumen: You’ll just have to make the best, most elaborate illusion you’ve ever made!
Umbra: Easy for you to say.  I’m not good enough to pull that off.
Lumen: Still?
Umbra: My specialty is focused spells.  My body can’t hold enough Mana to pull off that kind of illusion.
Lumen: Hmm… I could use an amplifier spell…
Umbra: And tear apart my body?  Are you stupid?!
Lumen: Seriously?  That can happen?  Alright, then I guess we could use one of those things that stores Mana outside your body…
Umbra: You’re talking about a Mana catalyst.
Lumen: Yeah, one of those!
Umbra: I guess we have no choice.  But where will we find one?
Lumen: Heh heh heh… there just so happens to be some ruins near here swarming with magic golems.  All we have to do is…

Magic Ruins

Lumen: You hear that?
Umbra: Yeah…
Lumen: 3… 2… 1… NOW!

*whack* *stomp*

Raque: Ow!  H-hey, our Golem Cores!
Lumen: Run like the wind, Umbra!

Hotel Opal

Lumen: Okay, let’s start off with a miniature version of the vision.
Umbra: And what exactly would that be like?
Lumen: This.

*Lumen creates a miniature illusion depicting a ceremonial ritual*

Umbra: What the… all this time you could’ve made the illusion on your own?
Lumen: Hey, I need to focus all of my attention on the girl!  Besides, you know I can’t use more than two spells at once!  Now, just follow these details and the script.  Oh, but to pull this off, you ‘ll need to spend some time with Sara before the ritual.
Umbra: Okay.

* * *

Kenneth: I see you’ve come right on time.
Umbra: I’m going to cleanse her body for the ritual, so please leave the room for five minutes, both of you.
Lumen: Right!
Kenneth: Very well.

Sara: You are to cleanse my body, correct?
Umbra: Nope!  Sorry ’bout this.
Sara: Eh?
Umbra: *eyes glow*  Say goodnight!

Umbra: You may come in now.
Kenneth: She’s asleep?
Umbra: It’s easier on us this way.  Now, Lumen, let’s get started.
Lumen: Right.  Sir, you can watch, but for your own safety, stay out of this magic circle Umbra has drawn.  It’ll contain the magic discharge.
Kenneth: I see… Very well, please do what you can.
Umbra: (This circle should allow me to release the illusion unincanted)

-Real Version-
Lumen: *removes his clothes*  Okay, time to begin…
Umbra: (Before she’s even awake?!)
Lumen: I’ll wake you up nicely.  *fondles Sara’s breast*
Sara: *twitch*
Lumen: Not enough.  Let’s try… this!
Sara: Ah… ah!!

-Illusion Version-
Sara: Aaaaaah!
Kenneth: Sara!  Oh, this is nearly unbearable to watch… but she’s suffering far more…
Sara: My body… So hot…
Kenneth: Ah… your body heat is returning?

-Real Version-
Sara: My body… aah… so hot…
Lumen: Perfect.  You’re ready… I’m putting it in…
Sara: AAAAAAAH… It hurts, it hurts!

-Illusion Version-
Sara: It’s too much!  Take it out!
Lumen: Do not reject the holy light!  Accept it into your body!
Kenneth: Do as the priest says, Sara!

-Real Version-
Sara: Aah… aaah… Aaaaaahh..
Lumen: (Good, she’s accepting me… now to drain her…) *grasps*
Sara: More… faster…
Lumen: You got it!
Sara: Mmm… ah… yes… aahh…
Lumen: (Can’t overdo it no matter how great this is…) Ah… I can feel the life energy… Yes… three… four… four and a haaalf and…. there!  Five years!  Urk… *comes*
Sara: *hahh* *hahh*
Lumen: Phew… We’re done, Umbra!  I’ll handle it from here!

*Umbra breaks her illusion just as Lumen puts up his own illusion*

Umbra: That took a lot out of me.  Okay, let’s clean you up.
Sara: *hahh* *hahh*

-Illusion Version-
Sara: I… I… AAAAAAAAAaaaahhhhhh
*blinding flash of light*
Kenneth: *shields eyes*  This light… Sara!!!
*the light slowly fades*

-End of Illusion-
Lumen: Umbra, memory wipe her quickly, while… Umbra?
*Umbra is collapsed*
Lumen: I guess it was too much for her…
Kenneth: Ungh… What happened?  To Sara and… your partner…
Lumen: Well… the ritual was a bit different from what we’re used to…
Kenneth: I’m sorry.  I owe you my gratitude.  Please… you and your partner may stay the night.
Lumen: Thanks.  Hey, do you by any chance know of any recent vampire reports?
Kenneth: Well, I heard of some reports from Emerald Village, but the identity is unknown.
Lumen: I didn’t get a request from there either… but I’ll check it out.  I’ll bring Umbra to a room and let her rest for now.

The next day…

Sara: Do… you have to go now?
Lumen: Heh heh… yeah…
Kenneth: Ha ha!  Well, I’m so grateful, I’ll allow you to marry Sara!
Lumen: Really?
Umbra: *JAB!*  Lumen!
Lumen: Ahaha… Thanks for the offer, but I guess cash will just have to do…
Kenneth: Of course.  Here, it’s the least I could do.
Umbra: Se…
Lumen: Se…
Umbra: All that training was worth it after all!
Lumen: Right?
Kenneth: What training?
Lumen: N-nothing!  Well, we’ll be going now!

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