Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 3 – Pressure

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations.  It is suggested for readers 18+ only.  Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 3: Pressure (25%)

Preview: A tip from Kenneth leads the duo to Emerald, where they investigate a possible vampire attack.  The only lead is the mysterious child genius, Sue.

Emerald Village

Umbra: I don’t recall getting an assignment from this village.
Lumen: I’m just going on a minor lead.  We don’t know who the vampire here is…
Umbra: If there IS one…
Lumen: R-right… So we should investigate.
Umbra: Fine.  Do you sense any demonic presence?
Lumen: Uh… no.  But affected humans don’t give off much of a demonic signature anyway.
Umbra: Fine.  We’ve got no choice.  But if you’re wrong, you owe me.
Lumen: Yeah, yeah.

Woman 1: A vampire?  Haven’t seen one in these parts, no.
Woman 2: Sorry, not even a victim around here.
Man: Ha, if ‘n you’re lookin’ to fight a vampire, might as well cross the forest!
Boy: Vampire?  I wish.  It’s so boring here.  But Sue might know.
Lumen: Sue?
Boy: Yeah.  Sue knows everything.  Especially about vampires.
Lumen: Where is she?
Boy: Try the shack behind the school.
Lumen: Gotcha.  Umbra?  Hey, Umbra!
Umbra: What?
Lumen: We’re going to the shack behind the school!
Umbra: Leave me out of your perverted fantasies, sicko!
Lumen: I guess I’ll go alone.

Lumen: This must be it.  But no one’s in…
???: You looking for someone?
Lumen: Wah!  Y-you scared me, kid.
???: “Kid?”
Lumen: Sorry.  You prefer I call you “Young Lady?”
???: I’m calling for help.
Lumen: N-no need to do that!  Listen, I’ll be quick… Does someone named Sue live here?
Sue: I’m Sue.  What do you want?
Lumen: Oh… I heard you might know about a vampire?
Sue: V-vampire?
Lumen: Yeah.  I heard your father was attacked by one.  Tell me all you know about his attacker if you can.
Sue: Ah… ah…
Lumen: Sue?
Sue: L-leave… Go away, leave me alone!
Umbra: Are you stupid?  You don’t just open up old wounds like that!  Don’t you have any tact?
Lumen: Sorry…
Umbra: I’m not the one you should apologize to.  Anyway, this investigatin is getting us nowhere.  Let’s get a hotel room and leave this village tomorrow.
Lumen: I guess.  You take care of it.  I’ll ask around town some more.
Umbra: You won’t find anything.
Lumen: We’ll see.

Girl : About Sue?
Lumen: Yeah.  I heard she “knows everything.”

Episode cuts off here.

Lumen learns that Sue has lived in Emerald for years, and never seems to age.  She spends all her time studying in her shack by the school, and it seems she’s even smarter than the teachers.  It becomes obvious that Sue is in fact a Vampire, and Lumen decides to break her curse, free of charge.  After he *ahem* does his thang, Sue is reverted, and we find out she’s actually two years older than Lumen, roughly Umbra’s age.  Umbra, while searching for Lumen, spots the two in a compromising position, chews Lumen out, and storms away, deciding not to give Lumen his copy of the Inn key.  With their job finished, they’ll be leaving Emerald in the morning, but for now… Lumen’s going to be sleeping in an old shack.

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