Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 4 – Rough

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations.  It is suggested for readers 18+ only.  Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 4: Rough (70%)

Preview: Lumen and Umbra return to Topaz Town to repair Lumen’s runic equipment, but it’s clear they aren’t welcome.  While there, they meet a young homeless girl named Tir, who is linked to Lumen via the events of 3 years ago.

Topaz Town

Lumen: Finally, we made it!
Umbra: Topaz Town… we haven’t been here in so long…

Topaz Town.  Near here are the Topaz Mountains, where I was raised.  I left the church to become the demon hunter / curse healer / sex machine I am now before I completed formal training, so I have to rely on Holy runes to cast higher-level spells.  Unfortunately, over the years my rune equipment wore out.  I tried making my own, but…

Lumen: Light Spear!

*A green ooze comes out of the ring*

Lumen: . . .
Umbra: …
Ooze: *twitch*
Umbra: Holy crap, it’s alive!
Lumen: Aah!  Kill it!  Kill it!

…and so, I’ve come back to get Father Rougent to give me more runic equips.

Girl in Rags: Ah!
Umbra: Huh?
*the girl runs away*
Lumen: What was that about?
Umbra: I dunno.  But she’s awfully young to be homeless, huh?
Lumen: Don’t jump to conclusions.  She might have a big family.
Umbra: The thought of a big homeless family doesn’t make me feel any better.
Lumen: Oh… I guess not.  Anyway, I just wanna relax.  Let’s get a hotel room.
Umbra: A-are you sure?  L-last time you were here…
Lumen: It’s been 3 years!  No one should recognize us!

…and so, we were rejected from every hotel in town…

Umbra: I guess they all recognized you.
Mayor: So it’s true… you HAVE returned!
Lumen: Ah crap…
Mayor: You know very well you’re not welcome in this town until you pay off what you owe!
Lumen: Hey, I’ve been sending gold for the past three years!  I think I’m entitled to a little break!
Mayor: 10 gold every month and you want a break?
Lumen: Plus beast hides!
Mayor: You owe us 24,640 gold, and we don’t want it in monster parts!  What the hell are we going to do with liger toenails and bat fur?
Lumen: Start a new fashion trend?

Part of the story is lost here.  Lumen and Umbra wander around looking for a place to stay and meet the homeless girl from earlier, Tir.  She lets them stay at her burned-out house and explains how it got destroyed.

Tir: Fire.  3 years ago.
Umbra: Why’d you help us out?
Tir: Because I informed the mayor about you two.
Both: What?
Tir: You both did something bad to me… so now we’re even.
Lumen: Ack!  S-so you knew who I was, huh?
Umbra: What do you mean “both?”  I didn’t do anything!
Tir: …anyway, we’re even now, and father always told me not to hold a grudge and to help those in need.
Lumen: We wouldn’t BE “in need” if it wasn’t for you!
Umbra: Are you really in any position to criticize?
Lumen: You’re right.  Sorry.
Tir: Please make yourselves comfortable for now.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see Tir pleasuring me with her mouth.

Lumen: Mmm… !!!  Wh-what…
Tir: Mm… Ah… you’re awake.
Lumen: Tir, what do you think you’re doing?
Tir: Lumen, right?  I’ve heard about you.  Please help me.
Lumen: With what?

Tir promptly showed me a set of fangs.  Suddenly I wasn’t as excited about what she was doing with her mouth.

Tir: I have nothing else.  This is the only way I can pay for your services.
Lumen: Th-that’s not necessary… More importantly where did you learn to do this?
Tir: That’s not important.
Lumen: Tch.  Pushy.  Umbra’s pissed off at me enough as is.  Why should I…
Tir: *bears fangs*
Lumen: A-alright, alright… I’ll do it.  But we won’t get anywhere like this.
Tir: W-wait, what…
Lumen: No use feigning innocence now after what you’ve done.

I tore off what little she wore and lifted her legs.  I chose not to bother with foreplay because, quite frankly, she’s filthy.  I put it in.

Lumen: Hey, this is what you wanted…
Tir: N-no… I just…

Episode cuts off here.  Lumen is successful in reverting Tir, but she grows three years older and doesn’t look much different.  Umbra is sickened that Lumen would behave that way with a little kid, and the two have a fight that ends up with Umbra leaving a confused Lumen.  At some point we learn that Tir was turned into a vampire by Umbra while she was still cursed, and her house was destroyed by Lumen.  Now that Tir is no longer a vampire, Lumen realizes that she needs to be taken care of, so he decides to bring her with him to Topaz Temple.

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