Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 5 – Refractory

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations.  It is suggested for readers 18+ only.  Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 5: Refractory (85%)

Preview: With Umbra gone, Lumen brings Tir with him to the Topaz Temple, where he is reunited with Celia and receives his father’s knife.

Lumen: It should be somewhere around here…
Tir: Don’t tell me you’re lost?!
Lumen: I haven’t been here in almost three years, gimme a break!
Tir: Ohh… How tragic.  Vampire Princess Tir is robbed of her immortality, raped, starved and brought to the middle of nowhere by a corrupt Holy Warrior, left to die!
Lumen: Stop with the crazy ideas!
Celia: Hm?  That voice sounds familiar…
Tir: Ah!  Someone’s here!
Lumen: Hey, that’s… Sister Celia?
Celia: Brother…
Lumen: LUMEN!  It’s Lumen now, remember?
Celia: Oh yes, of course.  Lumen it is.  Aha… khm…
Lumen: Hey, you’re laughing, aren’t you?
Celia: Heh… N-no… fufu… Bwahahahahaha, sorry!  Hahahaha!!!
Lumen: *sigh*

This is Sister Celia.  As you should be able to tell, she’s with the chruch.  We used to live together for ten years and as a result… she just doesn’t take me seriously as a Holy Warrior.

Celia: The church is just this way.
Tir: You call this a church?
Celia: It’s mostly used to train Holy Warriors.  It’s not like we hold public mass here.  So who are you?
Tir: My name’s Tir.
Lumen: Sorry to bother you, but can I ask you to let her live here for a while?  She has no home or anything.
Tir: I have a home, it’s just burned.
Celia: Sure, we have plenty of room and food.
Lumen: Hey… where is everyone?
Celia: All the Holy Warriors have left to the Alexandrite Forest.
Lumen: WHAT?!

Celia: There’s been some major demon activity lately.  But they should be back tomorrow.
Lumen: More activity, huh?
Celia: By the way… where’s your partner?
Lumen We kinda… had a bit of a falling out.
Tir: She left his sorry ass!
Lumen: Shut it!
Celia: I see.  Well, Tir, let’s get you cleaned up and into a habit.
Tir: What kind of habit?
Celia: Clothing, of course.  If you want to live here, you’ll be part of the church.
Tir: Wha?  But I don’t… waaa!!

As Celia dragged Tir off, I decided I’d head to my old room.

Lumen: Still in the same condition I left it in.  Except… does she clean it every day?  Huh.  Oh well.  Let’s see if I left any runes in here.

After ten minutes of raiding, I turned up absolutely nothing.

Lumen: Damn, nothing here…
Celia: Looking for something?  Something important?
Lumen N-no, nothing…
Celia: Is that so…
Lumen: Hey… about my room…
Celia: Ah… uhm… lunch is ready now.
Lumen: Oh… okay…

Tir: Hmm… not very tasty, but filling.
Celia: Well excuse me!
Lumen: It’s really good for the kind of food they serve here.
Celia: Thanks?
Lumen: No problem!

After lunch, I decided I’d check out my old training grounds.  It looked like just an ordinary mountaintop, but the place has a high concentration of Holy Mana.

Young Lumen: Haa!  Banish! *poof*
Father Rougent: Hahaha!  You won’t get anywhere like that!  Even with a rune, you can’t use Banish if you don’t know the basics!
Young Lumen: I can do it!  BANIIIIIIISH!
*fires a shot*
Father Rougent: Hmph.  Mana discharge.
Young Lumen: Ha!  That did it!
Father Rougent: All you did was put more mana into it.  A regular Banish spell should use much less mana.
Young Lumen: So?
Father Rougent: With the amount of mana you used, you could have used a stronger spell.
Young Lumen: Like what?
Father Rougent: Purity becomes a piercing rage against sinners… Spire Light!

*A spire of light erupts from Father Rougent*

Young Lumen: Wh-whoa…  but I can do that too!

Lumen: Purity turns to rage!  Become a piercing blade to purge all sins!  Tower Light!

*The mana Lumen gathered ignites in his body and he collapses*

Celia: There you go again, trying to cast spells you can’t handle.
Lumen: Celia…
Celia: Not to mention you got all the words wrong.
Lumen: I was trying to make my own spell.
Celia: try mastering the spell you’re ripping off of first.
Lumen: Hmph.  Hey… where am I?
Celia: My room.
Lumen: Oh.
Celia: Lumen… Why did you come here?
Lumen: I need runes.  Runic equipment.  I broke all of mine.
Celia: ALL of it?
Lumen: Yeah.
Celia: *sigh*  Sounds to me like you could still use some training.  Why don’t you stay here for a while?  It’ll be like the old days.
Lumen: Thanks, but no thanks.  I’m going to make it on my own!  I will!  That’s why I left!
Celia: Hey… don’t lie.  You were never on your own.  And… you don’t know how sad it is being alone…
Lumen: Celia…
Celia: I… I really missed you, you know?
Lumen: Celia… I… really missed you, too.
Celia: You’re just saying that.  When you first arrived, you didn’t act any differently even though we haven’t seen each other in three years.
Lumen: Just because I didn’t do anything that doesn’t change the fact, Celia!
Celia: Ah!

Celia: L-let go… you aren’t serious about me…
Lumen: You’re serious about me, aren’t you?
Celia: I…
Lumen: Then I’ll show you how serious I am.

Celia: Ah!
Lumen: Celia!
Celia: Br… Lumen… Do you… do this… with anyone?
Lumen: You’re the first that was never a vampire.
Celia: You… really haven’t changed.
Lumen: I guess not… Wait, what does that mean?
Celia: Heh heh, but I don’t care.  I know it isn’t right, but please… do with me whatever you wish.
Lumen: Huh?
Celia: I’m feeling a bit selfish… I don’t like that you’ve done this with so many… but I like even less the fact that you haven’t done it with me.  Take me…

*This sex scene is missing from the notebook… Kind of a shame*

Lumen: Celia… I…

Celia put her finger to my lips.

Celia: Thank you, but please don’t lie to yourself.  You’ve grown a little, but for the most part you’re still very much the same…
Lumen: Eh?
Celia: That’s why… I think you should find your partner and make up with her.
Lumen: Why should I?  I can get along fine without her.  Heck, I forgot why we were even traveling together in the first place.
Celia: That’s probably the reason she left.  Maybe you should try to remember.
Lumen: Hey, what are you…
Celia: Take these.
Lumen: Huh?  A knife… a pendant… and a ring… Runic equipment?
Celia: The pendant is a warp rune.  The knife belonged to your father and has several runes carved in it.  One of them is a Light Spear rune… I know it’s tempting, but use it only for emergencies.  As for the ring… it has a special spell I wish I could master.
Lumen: It looks so simple… but I don’t recognize… such a strange rune… how do you activate it?  What does it do?
Celia: I thought you’d know that!  You made it!
Lumen: I did?  I dn’t remember ever being able to make a working rune…
Celia: But… ugh.  You really don’t have a good memory, do you?  Well, just wear it and maybe it’ll come to you.
Lumen:  Alright.  I will.  Thanks.

After a light breakfast, I packed as many supplies as I could and set off.

Lumen: I’m off!
Tir: … Bye.
Celia: Please, visit again, and don’t wait three years next time.
Lumen: Let me draw a warp circle here then.
Celia: We’re not letting you draw a demon art in a holy area!
Lumen: See you when I see you then.  WARP!

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