Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 13: Flirt

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations. It is suggested for readers 18+ only. Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 13: Flirt (60%)

Preview: Origin story. Father Rougent takes his temple of warriors, including a young Kyle Menne, to hunt down a vampire terrorizing the nearby Topaz Town. Although the vampire is beaten, another deadly demon rises, and Kyle and the girl of his dreams, Elise Brahm, are caught in the middle.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know how this episode starts, but I imagine there wasn’t much. You’ll just have to accept being thrust in the middle of it.

Father Rougent and his troops from the temple arrive in Topaz Town. Included in his ranks are the rookie, Kyle, and one of his best soldiers, Faust.

But now wasn’t the time for such thoughts. There was a dangerous demon at large, and it was up to us to hunt it down and kill it.

Father Rougent: Hmm… I can sense its presence nearby…
Kyle: In this mansion?
Father Rougent: No… It was here recently, but it left. Strange… The signature was strong just a while ago.
Kyle: !!! Above and behind!
Vampire: Too late! Die!

The vampire swooped downward at blinding speed. He seemed to attack us all simultaneously with its claws and wings. Since I sensed him first, I was just able to completely avoid him.

Father Rougent: Ugh…
Faust: Bastard…
Kyle: That’s it, you’re DEAD!
Father Rougent: Kyle! Remember your duty!
Kyle: Right… Holy powers, restore my allies. Vital Circle!
Vampire: Looks like I missed you, kid. You die first!
Faust: No you don’t!

The demon charged again, but Faust stepped in front and grabbed the vampire by the neck while it was still flying in mid-air.

Vampire: Urg… strong… but… not enough!

The vampire tossed Faust overhead. But while his back was turned…

Father Rougent: Light Spear!
Vampire: Guah… *coughs up blood*
Kyle: Light of…
Father Rougent: Don’t you dare!
Kyle: Why not?
Father Rougent: Light of PUrity, purge this servant of darkness! Banish Ascended!

Using the ascended version of the Banish spell, Father Rougent killed the vampire.

Kyle: No fair! I was going to do that!
Father Rougent: Don’t be silly. I’ve seen you practice. the only spell you’ve been able to perform consistently is Banish. If you had caused a Mana Discharge, we all could’ve been seriously injured.
Kyle: Then you should let me handle it myself.
Faust: Kyle, be serious!
Father Rougent: *sigh* Skilled, but very reckless. You’re just like your father when he was younger.
Kyle: Really? Thanks!
Father Rougent: That wasn’t a compliment! Oh well. We should be done here. Let’s rest at a hotel room and return in the morning.
Kyle: Oh! Hey, while I’m here, can I go visit Dad?
Father Rougent: I don’t see why not. Just be back before dusk.
Kyle: Thanks.
Faust: Honestly, Father, you’re too kind to that boy…

The place was pretty far from town. Mom, Dad, and me… we lived here until ten years ago. I don’t quite remember what happened that day…

Kyle: Hey, Dad. I’m home. Here. Share with Mom, okay?

I placed an offering at his headstone. Lucas “Lumen” Menne. Fathr Rougent said he was one of the most powerful Holy Warriors ever. I believe him. The only memory I have of ten years ago was of a giant tower of light erupting from the cabin. After that, all I can remember is waking up in the church. My Dad was buried here, under what remains of our old home. But my mother’s remains… her grave, her tribute… nowhere to be seen. I don’t even remember her name or what she looked like. I remember I once tried to look for her since there wasn’t any proof she was dead, but Father Rougent found me and insisted she was gone for good.

Before long, I returned to Topaz Town and saw a familiar face.

Kyle: Elise!
Elise: Ah… Kyle? what are you doing here?

This is Elise Brahm. I first met her two months ago. I was in town when I noticed her sitting by a fountain looking depressed. She seemed like a princess needing to be saved. I tried my best to get to know her, and we had plenty of chances to talk. In fact, ever since meeting her, I’ve spent all my free time with her whenever I came to town. I learned that, like me, she had no family, and she’s been living alone. I tried my best to cheer her up and take her on dates, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of that sad, empty look in her eyes.

Kyle: We were just called in to take care of a vampire.
Elise: A… vampire?
Kyle: Yeah, but we took it down, no problem.
Elise I see…
Kyle: Hey, we have time before I need to be back. How about a date!
Elise: Why are you so insistent on spending time with me? Find some other girl to bother.
Kyle: I could… but I’d rather bother you.
Elise: Hmph. Suit yourself.

This is pretty much how all our conversations go, and once she’s comfortable, she opens up.

Elise’s Room

Elise: I don’t think your master would approve of this.
Kyle: I don’t have a “Master.” We’re equals!
Elise: Whatever. So, are you going to help me or just chat?
Kyle: Okay, what do you want me to do?
Elise: Just show me some light arts.
Kyle: You mean Holy Arts, right? Why?
Elise: I’m interested in light magic. I wonder if it’s possible for me to use healing magic.
Kyle: It took me five years to master using a simple Restore spell.
Elise: I have nothing but time. Show me.
Kyle: Okay… but I need to heal something.

Elise quickly took out a pin and pricked her finger.

Elise: Ow… How about that?
Kyle: Fine. Holy Powers, heal this wound. Restore!

Her pathetic “wound” quickly healed.

Elise: Hmm… It worked too quickly… I couldn’t learn anything.

Kyle spent the rest of the afternoon trying his best to teach Elise all he could about Holy Arts. After casting so many spells, he ran out of energy and collapsed on her bed. As he sleeps, we learn that Elise is a vampire, and she is only just barely able to stop herself from feeding on Kyle. Deciding that Kyle is the one person she doesn’t want to harm, she walks outside to keep away from him. Meanwhile, Father Rougent’s unit is attacked by a powerful demon. During the battle, Faust loses his arm, and Father Rougent is successful only in driving it away. To be continued…

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