Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 15 – New Comer

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations. It is suggested for readers 18+ only. Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 15: New Comer (45%)

Preview: At the edge of Alexandrite Forest, Lumen rescues a girl named Sera, who wants desperately to be cured by him. But there’s something different about her…

Lumen rescues a girl from an attacking demon. The girl is named Sera, and she claims that she ran away from her older brother, who wants to force her to marry him, and her jealous older sisters who want her dead. She also says that she wants to hire Lumen to make her human.

I’m not sure what the conversation before this scene was about.

Umbra: N-nothing you need to worry about…
Sera: Oh.

After a frugal but filling lunch, I got ready to remove that curse.

Lumen: Alright, let’s do this!
Sera: Oh! I should pay you first!
Lumen: Don’t worry, this’ll be on the house! Curse Breaker!

Even though I learned how to cast Curse Breaker unincanted, nothing was happening.

Lumen: Huh?
Umbra: Try it again.

I tried again and again, incanted, unincanted… nothing worked.

Lumen: Huh…
Sera: Maybe I need to pay you after all.
Umbra: You don’t look like you have anything of value anyway.
Sera: Well… I do have this…

Sera pulled her panties halfway down her legs and lifted her skirt.

Lumen: Wah!
Umbra: Jerk!
Lumen: How is this my fault?
Umbra: …sorry…. But you can’t seriously accept this…
Lumen: Well… It has always worked for me in the past.
Umbra: Unbelievable.
Lumen: Umbra?
Umbra: I’m going to vent! When I get back, you’d better be done!

Umbra stormed out. I should point out right now that Umbra has Five Levels of Fury where Level 1 is “slightly irked” and Level 5 is “leaving my sorry ass.” This was Level 3, meaning she’s sorely pissed, but with any luck we’ll have make-up sex in a couple hours.

Lumen: Huh.
Sera: She seemed angry.
Lumen: She’ll be fine. Let’s get this over with.
Sera: Ah! So you’ll accept me?
Lumen: It would be cold not to!
Sera: Wwah!

Strangely, I still didn’t see a magic crest. Without that, i was just taking advantage of her. But despite that, I still kept at it.

As I reached climax, I lost my strength and collapsed on Sera.

I woke up seeing Umbra scowling down on me.

Lumen: Unngh… Umbra?
Umbra: You have a LOT of explaining to do!

Oh crap, Level 4 going on 5!

Lumen: About what?
Umbra: Who’s that girl?
Lumen: What, you mean… wah!

I looked down and found a beautiful, well-endowed woman sleeping next to me.

Lumen: I… I’ve never seen that girl before!
Umbra: A likely story!
Lumen: It’s true! Last I remember, me and Sera were… AH!
Umbra: Hm? You mean she’s… Sera?

She aged… pretty damn well! But she never said… Oh god…

Sera: Umm…
Lumen: Sh-she’s waking up…
Sera: Lumen? Ms. Umbra? Hey, you look shorter… Ah! Oh no…
Lumen: I-I’m sorry! I got carried away…
Sera: I’m still not human! Ugh!
Lumen: Huh?
Umbra: L-Lumen!
Lumen: What?
Umbra: Look at that!
Lumen: Ah…

Two small wings protruded from Sera’s lower back.

Lumen: Sera… Y-you’re not… You’re a pure demon?
Sera: Eh heh, I guess you caught me…
Umbra: Who are you, really?
Sierra: Fine. My real name is Sierra. Sierra Soren, age 20, the youngest of the Soren sisters!
Umbra: You’re older than me?
Lumen: W-wait… Soren?!

In anger, I grabbed Sierra’s shoulders and pinned her to the ground.

Sierra: Ow! Hey, I don’t like it rough…
Lumen: You were sent to kill me!
Sierra: Huh? Hey, I never said that. And why should I kill you?
Lumen & Umbra: Huh?
Sierra: I only approached you because I thought you might be able to turn me human.
Lumen: I can’t do that….
Sierra: A-are you sure?
Lumen: If you were half-demon I imagine there *might* be some way but not for a pure breed…
Sierra: Aww… What a waste of time!
Umbra: Why do you want to be human?
Sierra: Didn’t I already mention? My sisters are trying to kill me!
Lumen: That was true?! Wait, your sisters… They’re all Sorens, right?
Sierra: Of course!
Lumen: Is… one of them named Cynthia?
Sierra: Do you know big sis?
Lumen: Ah…

I can’t believe it… I’ve slept with two sisters… Sisters that just happen to be of the same family of my mortal enemies…

Lumen: Ugh…
Umbra: Lumen?
Lumen: I think I’m going to be sick…
Sierra: Huh? W-why?
Umbra: Well…

Umbra explained the situation as best she could.

Sierra: Ehh? That really happened?
Lumen: Yeah.
Sierra: That… must’ve been when brother died…
Lumen: So you do know about it…
Sierra: No! I remember father and my brothers left to try and conquer the human realm but then dad and Gald came back injured and Nox was dead. Only Kain came back unscathed.

On the one hand, Sierra was one of the Soren family, and they were out to kill Lumen. On the other hand, Sierra needed to be protected, even if she was a demon. Lumen and Umbra decide to let Sierra stay with them in Sapphire, on the condition that she help earn G. They also believe that, with Sierra as bait, they’ll eventually draw out the Sorens and put an end to them once and for all.

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