Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 17 – Proposal

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations. It is suggested for readers 18+ only. Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 17: Proposal (35%)

Preview: With Sera in the equation, Lumen and Umbra finally manage to crawl out of debt! With their worries gone, Umbra wonders if it’s finally time to take the next step towards their future, but she can’t do anything while Sera’s around…

Umbra and Sierra: Cheers!
Umbra: Thanks to you and Lumen we’re finally out of debt!
Sierra: Aw, thanks… But then why is Lumen tied up?
Umbra: To restrain his excitement.
Lumen: Hey, I’ve been working for this moment my entire career!
Umbra: And yet it only took 9 hours to lose my respect for you.
Lumen: Hey, we wouldn’t be celebrating if I hadn’t done that!
Sierra: I’m surprised that you two could keep at it that long. Hey, do you think we can beat 7 times?
Umbra: Hey, don’t ruin this for me, Sera.
Sierra: Right, sorry.

Sierra demands that we call her “Sera” while she’s in child form, which I don’t mind at all except that she has an unhealthy attachment to Lumen.

Sierra: C’moon, let’s do it again.
Lumen: I’d rather not get punished again.
Umbra: Sierra, when are you going to act your age?
Sera: I’m acting fine for my age! And the name is Sera while I’m like this!
Umbra: (Too bratty to be 20, but way too sex-crazed for 14…) *sigh*

Sierra being around has made life more interesting and our jobs easier for the most part, but there’s one major frustration with her… She’s way too demanding! At first she just wanted to survive, but since living with us she’s started to revert to being a spoiled princess, wanting food cooked just right and never helping out with even the simplest of chores. But it’s not like we can just leave her… Actually none of that really bothers me that much since we can just ignore her, but I wish she’d stop being frisky with Lumen all the time. Every time I leave them alone, I’m sure they’re…

Sierra: Ahhh! No, don’t!
Umbra: I knew it… What the hell are you two doing behind my back?!
Sierra: Don’t make me touch it, it’s so gross!
Lumen: No dice, it’s time you started helping out! It’s just laundry!
Sierra: But they’re all covered in demon blood and dirt and I think there’s mold in this one…
Lumen: Heh heh, yeah, that’s what happens… Oh, Umbra. What is it?
Umbra: Oh… nothing.

Well, at least he isn’t completely irresponsible…

Later that day…

I couldn’t sleep. I just laid on my bed staring at my ring.

Umbra: *sigh* Should I? We’re out of debt and Sierra can help with curses… but I can’t help but think nothing will change…
Lumen: Umbra!
Umbra: H-huh? What are you doing up? Aren’t you supposed to be with Sierra?
Lumen: Nah, she’s sleeping. I gave her some strawberries laced with sleeping powder.
Umbra: What did you do that for?
Lumen: So we could have some time for ourselves.

Although Umbra is surprised at how romantic Lumen can be if he applies himself, she is still undecided. The following day, they answer a request for help from Port Emerald, as armies of sea demons have suddenly swarmed the port and attacked. Lumen and Umbra decide to go without Sierra. There, they reunite with Sue, who is fatigued from trying to repel the invasion by herself. After Lumen heals Sue and offers her his equipment to protect herself with (all he really needs is his father’s knife), the three join forces to protect the port. Together, they are able to defeat the main swarm, but an enormous Sea Demon arises and cannot be defeated by even their combined force. Before it can destroy the port, Sierra appears and kills the demon with her Dark Arts, saving the day. During the victory celebration, Sue talks with Umbra, confronting her about her relationship with Lumen. Sue guesses Umbra’s plans and offers her her full support, warning her not to take too long to let her feelings known and propose.

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