Vamoe Hunter Lumen Episode 21 – Endurance

Warning: Vamoe Hunter Lumen may contain scenes of graphic sexual situations.  It is suggested for readers 18+ only.  Though to be fair, at least a couple 16-17 year olds had the chance to read the original.

Episode 21: Endurance (90%)

Preview: After escaping from Garnet City, Sierra and Lumen reconcile their pasts before moving on to settle things at Castle Soren.

Previously on Vamoe Hunter Lumen (Episode 20), the trio, after barely fighting off Rose and Kain, take shelter in Garnet City. Anna, an aged, loyal servant of the Soren family, tells them the truth about Sierra’s mother, Queen Rune Soren. After the rest of her family died out, the succubus princess Rune became the sole ruler of the Demon Realm. Seeking power and glory, the Vampire Lord, Vier, attacked the castle and raped the young Queen, declaring himself the new Demon Lord. Two years after the birth of the twins, Sierra and Runa, Rune fled the castle and contemplated suicide, but Anna convinced her to live her life human realm. There, she met and fell in love with Lucas Menne and had their one child: Kyle, AKA Lumen. Unable to face the fact that he is in fact the youngest son of the Soren family, Lumen Warps back to Sapphire City, where Umbra and Sierra pursue him.

Sapphire City – Port

Sierra: Ah! There he is!
Umbra: The ship’s too far… Sierra, you’ll have to go alone.
Sierra: What about you?
Umbra: I don’t matter right now. I’ll wait for you two at Garnet, okay?
Sierra: Okay…
Umbra: I’ll see you there.

Ship – En Route to…???

Lumen: *sigh*
Sierra: What are you being so depressed for?
Lumen: Sierra?! Wh-what are you doing here?

Sierra ran up and gave me a quick kiss before reverting to “Sera.”

Sierra: To get you of course.
Lumen: Oh.
Sierra: Just what do you think you’re doing, running off like that?!
Lumen: I’m sorry… It’s just that… Everything changed for me now.
Sierra: No it hasn’t! Nothing’s changed. When I first met you, I didn’t really think much of you… But… you were really, genuinely nice to me. Much nicer than my own family, and you were a human, too. I wondered if all humans were like you, but they aren’t. That’s why… I don’t regret giving myself to you… and I don’t regret loving you.
Lumen: Sierra…
Sierra: I was ashamed of myself at first… but now I’m actually happy. Before, I was happy that there was someone in my family that I honestly love, and not just because they were family. But… it also hurts.
Lumen: Why should it hurt you?
Sierra: Because! It’s my side of the family that’s to blame for your parents dying! And… one of them was my own mother. My own family did that to you.
Lumen: But they’re my family too.
Sierra: You aren’t like them at all! I wouldn’t like you if you were! To me, you’re the same in name only. But what’s in that anyway?
Lumen: What’s in a name, huh? You’re right. Even if we’re related that doesn’t change a damn thing.
Sierra: So…
Lumen: Yeah. My plans aren’t changed. I still plan on getting my revenge for Mom. And I promised I’d help you too.
Sierra: Lumen…

Sierra’s eyes welled up and she hugged me. It didn’t really matter anymore to me whether she was my sister or not. No… maybe it was because she’s my sister that I returned the gesture.

Sierra: Mmm…
Lumen: Y-you don’t have to enjoy it that much.
Sierra: You’re no fun. Well, how about we go now? We can warp back to garnet any time.
Lumen: Later. This ship is heading someplace I’m sure you wanna see.

Sapphire City (Lumen & Umbra’s DHA Office)

Runa: Weren’t you supposed to be waiting at Garnet?
Umbra: Yeah… But it’s more comfortable here.
Runa: What are you reading?
Umbra: My Master’s book. I’m sure there’s something here I can use. Ah, here it is… “Mana Conversion.”
Runa: What’s that?
Umbra: Well… I’m not too sure. Master never completed this chapter, but if it’s what I think it is, I can really use it in the Demon Realm.

The following day… (Garnet City)

Umbra: They haven’t shown up yet?
Anna: No, sorry.
Maid: Um… Is there anything I can get you?
Umbra: No, nothing. Hey, which way to the castle?
Anna: Follow the path north of here… But, are you going alone?
Umbra: Just tell them I’ll meet them there.
Anna: W-wait! You can’t…
Umbra: . . . *walks away*

Topaz Town

Sierra: Wow, what a… quaint town.
Lumen: Yeah. But we’re headed somewhere out of town. Hm? That’s…
Sierra: What? Something wrong with that fountain?
Lumen: No…

Kyle: Hey there!
Elise: …what do you want?
Kyle: Your name.
Elise: …
Kyle: Oh, right! Sorry. My name’s Kyle. Kyle Menne.
Elise: Menne? You can’t mean… you’re the son of that Holy Warrior, Lumen?
Kyle: Oh, ya heard of him, huh? Yeah, I’m training to be a Holy Warrior like him. So how about you? Uh… Oh, right, you never said…
Elise: It’s Elise. Elise Brahm. I’d like to meet your father.
Kyle: Whoa, you move fast, huh?
Elise: That’s not…
Kyle: Too bad though. He’s dead.
Elise: …oh. Then I have nothing to discuss with you.

Lumen: Wait, THAT’S the fond memory I have? That’s pathetic!
Sierra: Can you hurry up? I don’t know the way.
Lumen: Oh, right….

Lumen’s House

Sierra: This is…
Lumen: It’s a grave. Dad’s buried here. Not sure about Mom but… I like to think she’s right here by Dad’s side.
Sierra: Mom… Is this where she died?
Lumen: Yeah.
Sierra: Mom…
Lumen: Sierra…
Sierra: You… did your best. I’m going to do the same and find my own happiness. But first, we’re going to punish Dad for always trying to take your happiness away. Right?
Lumen: Right. Mom, Dad, see ya later.
Sierra: I really wish I could’ve known you better…. Both of you… Okay, let’s go back to Garnet.

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