Fam & Ihrie: Ruin Explorers Ch. 5.1

I apologize for the lateness of my release.
I apologize for the lateness of my release.

Ruin Explorers Ch. 5.1

Hoo boy… it’s surprising just how much I relied on those Spanish translations…

So, I’ve got eight more of these to do.  I thought each part being only roughly 10 pages long would make this easy, but it’s hard being a machine translator interpreter.  You know… as opposed to actually being a translator.

The toughest part was figuring out what effect Lugdull’s fog had on the people of the city.  I couldn’t figure out if the fog was responsible for their disappearance or if the people were themselves turned into the fog.  In the end, I’m still not convinced either way.  COME AT ME!

To be fair, it really doesn’t take me all THAT long to translate these subchapters.  It’s just that my free time has been taken up by a lot of things.  Work.  VG Lucia.  The summer anime season.  Guild Wars 2.  Bardass!  Perhaps I should just prioritize Ruin Explorers, but… damn it, there’s just so much I need to do!

The LQ scans are really bothering me.  Once I get the money saved up, I’m definitely looking into acquiring the Special Plus myself.  And maybe other stuff.  Like the tabletop RPG.

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