Hentai Hump-Day! Dokyusei / End of Summer

I suppose it WOULD be harder to search for if they kept the title “Classmates,” but I doubt ADV had search engines in mind.

Oh god, I completely skipped over April for Hentai Hump-Day.  So.  Much.  Persona….  But now that I’ve beaten it twice and just need a little cleanup for my Platinum, I can finally focus on my ELF tribute.  This time, we’re looking at Dokyusei, the game that practically defined the high school dating genre.  You have one summer to get closer to the girl of your choice.  To do so, you’ll have to repeatedly bump into your love interest at the right times and go on dates – the unfortunate implication being that to win the game you have to go full-on stalker and memorize her schedule.

…wait, I thought I was done with this stuff…

We begin the OVA with a literal wet dream: our hero, Wataru Morooka, is dreaming of the star of the swim team, Mai Sakuragi.

“Lonely rich girl” route unlocked!

In his way is the snooty rich douchebag that would fit right in as an Adam Sandler movie antagonist, Kenji.

Huh, so that’s the odd thing that I felt was missing from Persona games: romantic rivals. Even Harvest Moon has them on occasion.

Naturally, there are other girls Wataru can hook up with, even though he SAYS Mai is “the one.”

Misa Tanaka is the star of the track team and an overbearing tomboy.  He’s the closest one to him and the first girl to call him out on his being a womanizer.  Naturally, she’s also the first girl he has sex with.  Naturally.

I don’t suppose “I find all of you equally attractive” is a valid answer?

Strangely enough, Misa is rather pushy about getting Wataru to take the advances of her friend seriously.  That friend is the rather childish Miho Suzuki, who works at the flower shop.

“Sure, as long as Makoto isn’t available.”

We’re also introduced to Wataru’s best friend Kazuya, a pretty good-looking dork that’s mostly interested in getting laid.  He actually already has a girlfriend in Kurumi Nishima.

Take note of this. It comes into play later, maybe.

Rounding out the list of girls is my personal favorite, Satomi Kurokawa.  She’s the waitress at a nearby coffee house and the not-daughter of “Master,” the owner of the restaurant.

Unless you’re the main character.
Well, it’s a better excuse than Sojiro’s got.

Now that we’ve introduced all the players, let’s run down the paper-thin plot.

Wataru manages to hit on Mai, getting her to agree to go on a date with him.

Crap, I don’t have that Hangout unlocked yet…

Almost immediately, he comes across an injured Misa.  Turns out, she’s been so focused on being the best at track in her last year that she ended up overtraining and fucking up her leg.  She’ll need surgery on her leg, which will take her out of competition.  Her dreams are crushed, in her moment of vulnerability, she gives herself to a consoling Wataru.  So much for Miho, right?

Anyway, got laid with Misa.  Now that that plot thread’s behind us, time to aim for the main girl.

Pfft, yeah right.

So, immediately after Misa’s love scene, we cut to Wataru playing air hockey with Kazuya, who’s pissed that he hasn’t had sex with Kurumi and is considering breaking up with her.  Total scumbag, right?  Don’t worry, he gets better in the sequel.  Seems like the only reason he’s being, well, unreasonable here is to make the viewer feel “okay” about Wataru taking Kurumi away from him later.

Wait, they’re advertising an Inspector Gadget game alongside Romancing Saga 2? Was Inspector Gadget big in Japan?

Before we really have a chance to process the sudden opportunity presented to us, the overriding plot point becomes Satomi’s depression.  Turns out she had a thing for Kenji (y’know, the love rival for Mai) and got turned down.   At around the same time, Wataru gets stood up for his planned date with Mai, and he later sees Mai getting driven away by Kenji from the direction of a love hotel in what CLEARLY isn’t just a simple misunderstanding.  Clearly.

Wait, left side… fucker has a foreign car!

So, to no one’s surprise, Wataru and Satomi get together in some good old fashioned double-rebound sex!  To my surprise, this happens in a public park for no particular reason other than it was convenient.

Welp, in the second episode, Wataru tries to mend fences between Kazuya and Kurumi, even after Kazuya has moved on to crushing on the older Miss Natsuko.  Wataru also continues to pursue Mai.  Y’know, for a couple minutes before the focus of the episode kicks in.

Things still don’t quite work out with Kazuya and Kurumi, so Kurumi approaches Wataru to help her out.  She seems to think the problem is that she isn’t mature enough, so she needs his help to turn her into a woman.  All the fucks are given.

Ah, bondage. Where the line of consent gets hazy.

At the end of the episode, Kazuya calls to let Wataru know that things didn’t work out with Miss Natsuko.  Being Kazuya is suffering.

Speaking of Kazuya suffering, at the start of the third episode, he calls Wataru and tells him that Kurumi refuses to date him now.  Seems she’s into another guy.  And she miiiiiight have slept with him.  Gee, I woooooonder who that could be…

Anyway, this last episode is all about focusing on the Mai route.  Turns out she’s not into Kenji at all, but her parents want her to end up with him because, well… Kenji’s rich.  Mai disguises herself to go on a date with Wataru, but she gets caught and taken away while Mai’s father’s goons beat Wataru up just to drive home the point.

On his way back home, Wataru bumps into Miss Cameo as a tease to make you want to buy the game.

I’m sorry, but we don’t have the budget to give you your own episode.

Haha, I’ve been looking for the past nearly 20 years, and…

Wait, I could try importing…



Wataru tries going the direct route and goes to Mai’s house, where Kenji awaits.  WITH HOUNDS.

They really pulled out all the stops to make this guy as cartoonishly villainous as possible for his role.

Ultimately, Mai runs out of her home and chases after Wataru in the rain, and they end up having sex at his place.

Welp.  There’s our happy ending.  All’s well that ends we-

Wait for it…
“I fucked up…”

Now if only I could find a translated version of Dokyuusei Climax.

Weirdly enough, in the sequel series, the three girls are openly dating Wataru at the same time and not tearing each other (or him) apart.  Hell, when Misa returns from her surgery and seems heartbroken at what’s going on, the other three actually console her and seem to actively push the two to have another night together.  It’s weird as fuck.  And while all that’s going on, Kazuya ends up with the class rep.

To be fair, it seems the four girls seem to want each other on an even playing field so that one of them can win Wataru “fair and square.”  Which makes things all the more confusing when Satomi kinda randomly swoops in and takes him at the end.

To be perfectly honest, this is how I want EVERY harem scenario to end.

In retrospect, at the end of the day, Persona is just no substitute for a real galge.

…Seriously, I need MORE harem scenarios where a couple is caught in the act.  If anyone has some suggestions, I’m all ears.

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