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Hentai Hump-Day! Dokyusei / End of Summer

I suppose it WOULD be harder to search for if they kept the title “Classmates,” but I doubt ADV had search engines in mind.

Oh god, I completely skipped over April for Hentai Hump-Day.  So.  Much.  Persona….  But now that I’ve beaten it twice and just need a little cleanup for my Platinum, I can finally focus on my ELF tribute.  This time, we’re looking at Dokyusei, the game that practically defined the high school dating genre.  You have one summer to get closer to the girl of your choice.  To do so, you’ll have to repeatedly bump into your love interest at the right times and go on dates – the unfortunate implication being that to win the game you have to go full-on stalker and memorize her schedule.

…wait, I thought I was done with this stuff…

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SacAnime Winter 2016-17

The drought was just building up to ruin this one weekend.

Been a year and a half since I last attended a con.  I feel like I’ve gotten rusty at this; I didn’t really accomplish much or take nearly the amount of pics I usually do.

One thing that stood out about the entire weekend was the huge amount of rain.  Friday wasn’t bad, but it started to really come down Saturday, and Sunday was a full-on storm.  This resulted in no outdoors cosplay and poor indoors lighting for photos.  An overall sucky situation.

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