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Hentai Holiday: Gun Tribe

HumpdayOkay, not quite hump-day, but can we all just come together and give thanks for the wonderful gift that is hentai?

So, I wanted to do something special and appropriate for this week’s Hentai Hump-Day, but I soon came across a dilemma: a complete lack of Thanksgiving-based hentai.  I checked my entire collection and my main sources and I couldn’t find anything.  And honestly, why should I?  Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a Japanese institution.  But, y’know, I was kinda hoping for something.  I couldn’t even find something with “Thanks” in the title.

The absolute CLOSEST thing to something Thanksgiving-based was an eromanga called Guntribe, which is set in a wild west-style world.  So I’m sure you can guess why I picked it for my Thanksgiving-themed post.  That’s right, it’s got (faux) INDIANS!

It's like an uninteresting wild west Rance.
It’s like an uninteresting wild west Rance.

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Hentai Hump Week! NTR

It’s time for the backed-up edition of HENTAI HUMP DAY!

HumpdayOne of these days, I’m going to find a higher-quality version of Jibril for that gif…

So anyway, today we’re going to cover something that can be a little confusing: NTR.  Technically, NTR is short for netorare, which, put simply, is cuckolding/cheating.  However, just because cheating of some form might be involved doesn’t necessarily make something NTR.  Also, NTR has been used casually as an umbrella term, and as a result, netorare and netori titles seem to get lumped together.  So let’s clear this up.

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