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Hentai Hump-Day! Words Worth

The Elf tribute continues!

Stay horny, my friends.

Words Worth is a true classic, even if it draws from Elf’s older works and is in turn squeezed dry of ideas for Elf’s later works… There’s just something about the setting and the characters that’s so damned endearing about the entire thing.  It helps that the director of the anime KNOWS what makes a good sex scene.  It also helps that this is, no joke, one of the greatest adaptations of a video game ever.  Sure, it’s compressed, it cuts out about a third of the characters, and it leaves a lot of mysteries open, but on the other hand it hits upon most of the main story points, you don’t have to navigate horribad dungeon mazes, and some of the changes make for some excellent H-scenes that you wouldn’t see in the games.  Way better than the Yu-No adaptation.

I DO wish I still had the game on Kiria as a supplement, but alas, it’s not to be.  I do hope to reacquire it someday if I could just find a place that has it.  The light novels also look rather interesting, and I’d love to give those a look when I have the time.

BTW, before I continue on, I have to mention that I DID play and complete the Yu-No game.  It was an interesting experience that I hope to do a full post on someday.  But more on that later.  Let’s delve into Words Worth.

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Fam & Ihrie Ruin Explorers: OneVisions Volta Chapter

This is the special chapter of Ruin Explorers that was printed as part of Kunihiko Tanaka’s OneVisions Volta artbook. As far as I can tell, it’s the last Ruin Explorers chapter ever written, and there’s no sign in sight for any more.

Ruin Explorers OneVisions Volta Chapter

Welp, there’s nothing left for me to do but to slowly work on translating the RPG.