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Stuff I’m watching/reading/playing: Because no Anime Review today

The weekly Anime Review was started to get rid of my backlog, and it’s surprising how short that backlog is considering I’m only getting to one title a week.  I need to get some more crap.

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’m following now in various forms.  I’ve noticed that some of the titles I’ve picked up are similar to projects I’m working on, and I’ve thankfully gone past where such a revelation would depress me.  Similarities are everywhere, but similar is not same.  Though I do have to admit, it sometimes makes me think there really is a morphogenetic field thing going on.

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Mixed feelings about Negima!

I recently re-read some manga because I couldn’t sleep.  One of them was Negima!  The other was Tenchi Muyo.  For now I’m gonna talk about Negima!

I’ve had a lot of different reactions to this series as it went on.  As of right now I think I’m caught up to the U.S. release, which is at Volume 22.  Negi is training for the upcoming tournament with Jack Rakan.
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