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Hentai Hump-Day!: Prologue to Elf Corporation Tribute

I hear it’s better once you’ve held off for a while…

I touched on this a bit back during the transition to the new server… so you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about since my last post was deleted.

Anyway, I learned in November 2015 that legendary Eroge developer Elf Corporation had closed up shop for good the month before.  I planned on doing a tribute to Elf, and dammit, I’m a year late, but I’m doing it.  What triggered me to do so?  The announcement that there will be a new anime adaptation of their classic game Yu-No this year to coincide with the PS4/PSV remake.  I am hyped as fuck (and setting myself up for eventual disaster I’m sure).

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Hentai Hump-Day! Violated Heroine

HumpdayHey hey hey, it’s Hentai Hump-Day!

Well, I said I’d take a break from Cream Lemon, and I was really tempted to ignore that due to time constraints… but instead, I decided we could use a little variety.  So!  Here’s Violated Heroine!

And this isn't even the newest title screen!
And this isn’t even the newest title screen!

What, you may ask, is Violated Heroine?  It’s a hentai game made in RPG Maker 2000.  Yes, that’s right: 2000.  Basically, it’s been in development for a long time and is STILL being worked on by Japanese developers all for the sake of, well… perversion.  Bless ’em.  And it’s pretty amazing that they’re still working on an RPG Maker 2000 project in an era where it seems there are dozens of circles churning out generic RPGs on VX Ace, adding in some erotic CG stills, and calling it a day.

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