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I needed an October post, so here’s GW2 gameplay

I was supposed to do a Geobreeders review.  Instead I got MIDTERRRRRRRRRRMS.  So yeah, still putting that off.  Here’s Svennia taking on Source of Orr.

For the uninitiated, I have a Warrior in Guild Wars 2 named Svennia.  She runs a tanky build, meaning she survives shit that oneshots almost anything else.  Source of Orr is one of my favorite missions in the entire game, and it pisses me off that you can’t replay it (short of going through the personal story again with a different character).  You’ll notice I didn’t take on the five Champs because Svennia may be tanky, but that’s just plain suicide.

In other news, I’m looking at themes and plugins for the blog.  The only good one I found requires payment before I can customize it to my liking, so I guess I’m stuck with Twenty Ten, which has been good to me these past few years.  I will be experimenting with some options to make the site look better and have a more efficient layout though.  Oh, and the new anti-spam plugins I got seem to be working fine, so I’m going to allow comments to pass through without my confirmation.  Please bots, don’t make me regret this.