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The 100 Things I Would Do To GW2 If I Were On The Dev Team


People love to complain.  I know I do.  But too many people complain about GW2 and don’t provide any solutions.  I’m not one of those people; I enjoy problem-solving,  and I find myself often coming up with ideas to improve on many aspects of GW2.  I think the best solutions are the ones with realistic limitations, though, and it’s this understanding that often leads me to agree with ANet’s decisions more often than I do the player community.  That said, they definitely could have done things better, and sometimes you have to go a little on the extreme side for the sake of progress and science.

I imagine if I were in charge, I would also introduce ridiculous things designed to torture the players for nothing more than the lulz.  I do find it hard to tell the difference between things I think other players hate and things I genuinely want for myself though.

And so, submitted for no one’s approval: the 100 things I would do if I were on the GW2 dev team.

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