Fam & Ihrie Ruin Explorers Ch. 5.6

Fam, Ihrie's escaped. Recruit a party of RPG cliches with attitude.
Fam, Ihrie’s escaped. Recruit a party of RPG cliches with attitude.

It’s amazing how little time I can find to dedicate to this task during the week.  Competing interests and whatnot.

Ruin Explorers Ch. 5.6

I work hard for the money, but on the plus side, my money just bought me an imported copy of the Ruin Explorers Special AND Special Plus issues, plus a spare copy of tankoubon 1.

What this means is I will soon have better scan sources to work with, which means cleaner images and legible characters.  That also means I can translate slightly more stuff (mostly margin notes though).  But man, importing is a frustrating business.  I’ve been paying attention to my tracker, and my swag just spent 10 days in a warehouse before finally moving to I assume an airport so it can make its way stateside.  I assume it’ll land in California, get driven to New Mexico, back to California, sit for a few days, then finally make its way to me.

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