Vamoe Guardian Lucia demo is here!

A pretty messy demo is now available for download here.

Vamoe Guardian Lucia Demo v.002 (19MB)

I didn’t do a play test of the story I have so far, so it could get pretty ugly if you do something I didn’t account for.  Make a note of it and get back to me if something like that happens.

Please play it and give me some feedback.

EDIT – Upgraded to v.002 due to multiple problems

Requiem for the Phantom is awesome so far

Ein is not amused.
Ein is not amused?

The third episode of Requiem for the Phantom was pretty amazing. Granted, if you watch a lot of assassin anime, you’ve probably seen this a lot, but it’s still good stuff. The “first kill” is always an important part, M I RITE? Although the emotional impact of it wasn’t as good as the visual novel, I did like the fight a lot more, which shows a lot of improvement over the first episode which I didn’t particularly like.

Also, this episode included the “oiling scene,” which is one of the more unique scenes of the game. It shows just how twisted Scythe Master is and how unemotional and impersonal Ein is, yet at the same time shows how loyal she is to Scythe, putting herself in such a completely defenseless position at his command. My only problem was how there was no view of Scythe’s thoughts during the scene… the idea that he thinks of Ein as a weapon and his creation is there, but I didn’t get the demented, inhumane personality he shows. Scythe is supposed to pretty much get a frikkin’ hard-on by just thinking of how perfect his creation is. I got the feeling that, aside from equating Ein to a gun or a machine, he also saw her as his “trophy.” Or is that just me?

Colbert Report anti-gay marriage parody ad

Oh gawd, this was just f’n hilarious. The original ad is just so out-there and well, retarded… that enough got my laughing quite a bit, but the parody just KILLED me! In fact, I’m dead right now and blogging as a ghost.

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The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
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On an incredibly unrelated note, I do not get Twittering at all, and I hope it dies a fiery charcoaly death.

Now with even more Natsume?!